Option to disable HubSpot branding on chat transcript emails

In the Messages tool, there is currently an option to disable "HubSpot Branding" (see here). This option does no affect the HubSpot branding on chat transcripts sent to contacts by email after interacting via Messages.


These transcripts continue to show a "Presented by HubSpot" branding at the end of the email. This non-optional branding on chat transcripts is made more jarring by the fact that chat transcripts cannot be switched off, either (see here).


The suggested solution would be to remove HubSpot branding from chat transcripts by email for customers who have disables HubSpot branding in their Messages settings.

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I just discovered that any chat (lead flow or bot) delivers a chat transcript to the user. The email that is sent unfortunately displays a "powered by HubSpot" email. 


It's almost a marketing approach by Hubspot to reach our list. While I do appreciate HubSpot, I'd prefer that the chat transcript is branded with Serious to a) avoid confusion and b) avoid promoting our marketing automation software.  

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Would be awesome to have the option to change the styling of the Chat Transcript and to remove the Hubspot Branding of course. This is confussing for our Websitevisitors. 


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 Yes, this is pretty poor.

A client of ours just went with Drift for their chat tool, purely because of this.

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HubSpot Product Team

Thank you all for bringing this to our attention! I'm happy to announce that if you have a paid HubSpot subscription and disable HubSpot branding, the "Powered by HubSpot" message will no longer show at the bottom of the chat transcript email.