Option to default to log and track emails in the Outlook add-in for Mac


HubSpot recently released an add-in for the Outlook desktop app on Mac computers. However, the checkboxes to log and track emails default to being unchecked - unlike the "sticky" checkbox behavior in the PC version of the add-in. My sales team is finding this very cumbersome because it means they have to remember to check two boxes in the HubSpot sidebar every single time they're drafting an email. I really think that the Mac Outlook add-in should include an option to set your own default settings for these checkboxes.

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This is a major issue. Users must have the ability to set defaults.  I have clients on the MS 365 and not having the ability to track automatically is a significant issue for them.


- Dave O.


Definitely agree, this needs to be implemented as soon as possible. 


Agree.  There seems to be a lot of conflicting info within Hubspot documentation on the subject: Articles stating that the integration is there and working, but the reality is a different story.


My other gripe, beyond the need to click "sales tools," then click log and track, is how the templates and sequences available to our windows users, does not work with the O365 Outlook.


Now, if Hubspot had an inbox that collected emails from those who have contacts, it would be another story.  An individual could just stay within the app, but as it is, one must shuffle back continually between outlook and the platform.

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More data for those on this thread. While on the phone with Hubspot support, they offered to install the previous version of the outlook plugin which has the settings that enable you to keep track or log enabled. Unfortunately, that plugin fails to enable replies from the contact to be also logged in the contact communication stream in Hubspot. So, although it solved one problem it disabled the true functionality of being integrated with O365. 




What is the time frame for enabling the tracking and logging checkboxes to stay checked when using outlook for mac?


It can't be that hard to do.  Please make this a priority.   I am a paid customer and my salesforce may have to find an alternate solution due to this simple functionality missing.


Also if any one has written a macro or some other workaround to this issue please let me know!




This needs to be fixed ASAP!!!


Absolute insanity that this function was left out of the Mac version


We're having the same issue and can't even find a decent auto BCC feature for Outlook 2016 Mac either! Anyone found a workout for BCC in Outlook until they sort this out? 

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Any updates on this ? @hroberts or anyone else from HubSpot?


Any updates on this?

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Has anyone received any feedback or insight from HubSpot on when this limitation is going to be fixed?

This was first raised in November 2017 so it doesn't look like it's been a high priority for the Dev team product roadmap.

An update on this failing would be very useful.