Option to create multiple Customer Loyalty / NPS questionnaires

We have the need to ask NPS-type of questionnaires on multiple different occasions both for our product and for our service offering.


Could you make it possible to create multiple Customer Loyalty questionnaires so we could have an NPS survey going after our events, recurringly for our product users, different versions for people speaking different languages, etc?

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We need this. We are three companies that work in the same industry, where one sales equipment and the other two give service to those equipment. We want to know, separately, what our customer thinks about the purchasing experience, and the service or technical experience. Having multiple NPS questionanaires would make this much easier.


Right now we have to send the survey, then modify it, select other customers, send it again, and do that again. We can't program it to send the survey out with certain time frequency due to this fact.

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
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This has been created and delivered! You can now create multiple NPS surveys from within HubSpot. Please contact your account manager or HubSpot Support with questions on how to do so. 

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Yesssss, and it is a great feature! Thank you very much HubSpot team Smiley Very Happy