Option to create form-specific contact properties

For certain web forms / inquiry types we have to create new (form-specific) fields. Today we (our users) have to create new contact properties in any case. However, often these contact properties are only needed once to handle specific inquiries (for example on  event registration forms for booking certain workshops etc). A lot of the properties are not designed for long-term use (e.g. segmentation). Also, most users (besides the creator) are not interested in these properties, or they even disturb them.


Wouldn't it be benefical to have an option to create form-specific properties that do not appear on a contact record?



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Fully agree with this, if anything, just creating form fields that are not connected to any property at all. Rather just an input field that is "unique" to the form and the data is simply stored in the form submission rather than clogging up contact properties that will only be used once for few contacts.