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Option to bulk update category and tags on knowledge base articles

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It would be great to have the option to update the category and tags of knowledge base articles in bulk/multiple at a time. Possible use cases


  • changes in the knowledge base categories over time as the knowledge base grows
  • changes in SEO strategy
  • changes/advances in the amount of information available on certain topics
  • mistakes/misunderstandings during creation of the articles
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Totally Agree!


I would like to add:

1) It would be also helpful to be able to have TAG MANAGER, to import, modify and delete tags from the Tags repository. 

2) Being able to bulk create tags so that article creators will only have to use existing tags instead of creating new every time one by one.

3) Multi-language or translations for tags (meaning the tag is basically the same, but it has a translation adapted to the language of the knowledge base, like categories)