Option to automatically add a product to a deal with workflows

Hi team,


It would be great to be able to automatically add certain Products to Deals within Workflows. For example, if a customer comes in via a certain source and all of the customers from that source are purchasing Product A, all the Deals could then be automatically updated to have that product associated with them.


This would reduce friction for sales teams and allow more seamless Deal creation - the teams wouldn't have to go back and add Products later. Thank you!

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Yes. Would be just excelent, because is a powerful thing to do in Automation.

Hey HubSpot DEVs, please, enter products into the Automation.

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Is there any update on this? Being able to associate products with deals would reduce so much friction for many clients who are looking to automate their process. Buy Now button workaround does not work for those with clients in different locations who need different tax brackets applied to each product. 

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Yes- we just ran into this issue too.

Tryign to create deals when contacts are created using product libary and price setup.

Really need this to get hubspot automation moving.

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Hi everyone,


I’m Megan Legge, a product manager for HubSpot’s workflows tool. Thanks for the comments and feedback! We're currently investigating our options and ability to enable this requested feature. I will follow up when we have more information.




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Get this updated please.


Please spend more development time and resources on Products.


Happy to take an call to discuss...

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Agree, we need to this also! Automation with the ability to apply products would be a time saver!

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Please add this, it would benefit greatly the companies that have products to offer

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I really need this too

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I completely agree. 

When we agree contracts we have TCV (Amount) But then ARR and MRR are different after integrations and onboarding fees. Being able to port this data across would be valuable when working from a renewals or sales pipeline.

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I would like to find a way to automate the creation of Deals with Products already associated with them, for popular Deals that are made up of the same Products. I'd also potentially like to automate the creation Currently I believe you can only create Quote and Products manually.


This functionality could enable you to offer bundless of products that are frequently sold together.

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Just a comment to be notified if there are any updates concerning this thread, we really need to be able to use products in workflows as well

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Any updates with this feature? We definitly need it!!


I beg you to add this functionality, the CRM is difficult to use without! Thank you

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We could definitely use this too! We actually have a slightly different use case, but it may come "in scope" if products end up being useable in workflows to begin with (seems like you can't use them as triggers, etc. at all). We want to have a check in place if a rep doesn't add a product to the deal (then just task the rep to remind them to do so), but we can't seem to add that criteria to a trigger currently ...

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If this concept could be extended to the chatbot workflows as well that would be amzing for customers being able to self create an estimate/quote from a chat.

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We could really use this feature. Similar use case to others - annual renewals. When a deal is set to closed/won we would like to create a new deal with the same products for the following year.

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We can certainly use this too! 

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Please add the ability for Products to be added on Deal through workflows or copied between Deals!

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It's benn 2 years since this post was done by a Moderator and with lots of reply and HubSpot do not put this obvious feature on.

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You would think a company with a 12.8 billion dollar market cap could move a little faster on these issues. It would be great to then send an email with that quote automatically.