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Option to automatically add a product to a deal with workflows

Hi team,


It would be great to be able to automatically add certain Products to Deals within Workflows. For example, if a customer comes in via a certain source and all of the customers from that source are purchasing Product A, all the Deals could then be automatically updated to have that product associated with them.


This would reduce friction for sales teams and allow more seamless Deal creation - the teams wouldn't have to go back and add Products later. Thank you!

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@EGolborne we're chasing the same solution as @SamB1 and @CDouglas with copying line items from one deal to another


Does anyone have a workaround to have a workflow add line items to a deal in a specific stage? 


My team creates deals during the discovery phase and only adds line items once the proposal is in the works. I would love for a worflow to add a line item to the deal once it hits our "proposal in progress" stage so they don't have to go search the product library. 


Unrelated to this thread - but would also love to see a "duplicate line item" button within the line item screen. 


@lalexander @jaybaum @EGolborne 

Thanks for your updates, adding a line item to an already existing deal using Workflows would be immensely helpful.


Regarding calculation of the deal value (monthly and annual recurring revenue).


We've used a workflow to bulk convert custom objects (Subscription objects) into deals.


What we expected so see:

- Deals' annual recurring revenue being the sum of time periods x line item price per period (1 month) SINCE closed-won date of the deal

- Example

  • Deal is closed-won since 3 months (Subscription is active since then)
  • Deals' associated line item/product is a subscription service for 100€/month, added via workflow 1 week ago
  • Deal Annual Recurring Revenue is expected to show 300€ (3 month * 100€)


What we did see:

- Calculation of Annual Recurring Revenue does not start from a deals' closed date (closed-won stage), but from the day the line item has been added to the deal instead.


Is there any misunderstanding?
How to calculate a deals' annual recurring revenue since the day a deal as been marked as closed-won?


shocked this isn't a basic feature!


In my case I have a genral product that is a drop down for the deal, just for general classification, I want if that is selected for it to add line items to the deal that are the minimum you would need for that product or products for example you select "integration 1" as the product, and it automatically adds line items for the base licence, the per door licence and the subscription line items for the "integration 1" product. 


This is to ensure that all SKUs are present on a deal/quote and reduces the risk of something being missed.




Totally agree with @onvista 's recap and @hoffydotcom astonishment.


We create deals through hubspot API.
We include data about the customer's choice of pricing in our SaaS platform.
This would need to translate into line items to automate all the calculations resulting from those.


We do not use quote even though we'd like to. But it doesn't fit our required items and doesn't show properly amounts and discounts.

Hence without line items available to change on existing deals thanks to workflow, many properties related to amount, recurring revenue and forecast are useless. And that's a shame !

Hope this changes soon 🙏


Yes! Agree, this would be super helpful. We have Deals that have been created based on our Stripe integration and after the Deal is worked, the customer can purchase additional products/upsells through Stripe. It would be great to be able to add those line items to the same Deal using a workflow rather than having to create multiple Deals each time they purchase an upsell or having the Sales team track and add manually as that can get very messy quickly.


I was testing out a trial of Enterprise, and the key to the upgrade was this feature to use the playbook for qualification and then create a quote based on the answers. 

I was shocked when I heard it was not a supported feature from support.   Too bad 


Is there a way to copy line items in a deal over to an upcoming renewal with workflow automations? Right now when we have subscription deals, it only creates a new renewal deal copying over some properties. we would love to be able to copy line items for products over into the upcoming renewal deal so when renewal time is coming up. The deal is set up for sales to work on and provide insights on the line item that was closed the previous year, plus it will give them the opportunity possibly cross or upsell in the renewal. 


Hi, is there an update on being able to copy line items to renewal deals?

It says Q3 2022 but I haven't seen anything yet and it's driving me crazy!!




Totally agree! This is one of the single reason of the limited usability of HS. Manually adding contacts to deals is unworkable. Since deals point to contacts and company alike it's imperative that deal stages are visible at company level. (which also doesn't exist).


Absolutely need. It would solve a lot of our problems. Currently we are doing this using Custom codes, but i would really like this functionality to be provided directly by HubSpot such that we can get right of our customer codes. I would like to stick to standard features as much as possible!!!


Hello Everyone, 

I believe there are some native integrations that can help solve this. I haven't tested it myself yet but I found Add Line Item to Deal, in the app marketplace and it seems to be able to have a workflow action in deal based workflows. So I believe we could test this to see if we set the right cirterias on the workflows, we can add the line items to the deal once created. 

The other integration I have used before is Associ8which can associate objects through workflow actions if they have any matching ID number or anything similar. I can definitely help you sort this our. 

I am open to helping tackle these projects if you would like. Let me know, I am available for work. 


Yes, we would need this feature. Where a workflow is created and line items from the deal in a Pipeline will be copied against the deal to another Pipeline. So we do not have to manually copy Product line items

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Hi everyone,

looking for a solution to solve this common problem, we have published in the HubSpot marketplace "Add Line Item to Deal" app.
The app adds a new deal-based workflow action that enables you to dynamically include a line item in an already existing deal.

This workflow action grants users the capability to insert the following fields in the associated product:

- SKU of the product to add
- product’s quantity
- line item price
- currency list (USD, EUR, GBP, etc.)

Try it and send us a feedback!
We're constantly working on new features for this app, every feedback would be very helpful.





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Check out this app for Hubspot, it allows to manage your complete Deal / Product / Quote process via Workflows. Including adding Products to a deal as a line item, generating quotes, associating quotes to contacts/companies, enabling payment methods for a quote, adding taxes etc.


We also seek the ability to copy line items from one deal to another (or use Line Item tokens in the "Add line item" step of "Create Record - Deal" action) Same as @bgirin and @SamB1 and @CDouglas and others. 

Example Use case: When a Deal is won, a Renewal Deal is automatically needed. We wish to pull Line Items off the original Deal and pre-populate the Renewal Deal.


This is SEMI accomplished right now using "matching filter criteria" branches to read Line Items off the Original Deal before creation ... however creating a branch for EVERY COMBONATION OF LINE ITEMS is not possible. Changes to the product library also breaks this because it is not tokens or copy from the deal

@EGolborne @ethankopit  Last update on October 21, 2022 mentioned the above copy options was in progress. Any more recent updates? Thank you!


Hi Folks, 


Just dropping in to update you on our app LinePilot - which lets you automatically add products to your deals.


You can easily configure groups of products to add to your deals, triggered when a deal is created, the deal stage changes or through a workflow. The best bit is you can bring in deal properties to use as values AND we de-dupe the line items so you'll always have clean data.


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Get started free at





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Hi - any progress on this

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Hey HubSpot team... It's been over a year since we've had an update. Any news?