Option to automatically add a product to a deal with workflows


Hi team,


It would be great to be able to automatically add certain Products to Deals within Workflows. For example, if a customer comes in via a certain source and all of the customers from that source are purchasing Product A, all the Deals could then be automatically updated to have that product associated with them.


This would reduce friction for sales teams and allow more seamless Deal creation - the teams wouldn't have to go back and add Products later. Thank you!

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It would be so helpful to have additional features when creating reports on Line Items/Deals. Our customers are currently completing forms online that import straight into HubSpot as Deals for our sales team. When imported, we have a contact property, Product, that is getting completed. It would be great if either the following could happen:

  1. We can use that contact property (also copied into a deal property) to update the Line Item
    • We also use a quantity property that it would great if we could copy that over as well
  2. We could use the Line Item in our forms so we can completley skip over the contact properties and all copying. 
    • With this we would need the ability to run the same reports on line items to see deal totals and information



Olá, No  nosso Fluxo criamos alguns negócios, porem não consigo migrar o item de linha que já está preenchido no fluxo de gatilho, a implementação dessa idea resolveria bastante nossos probloblemas.

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Hey teams, 

We built robust automation to copy deals from the sales pipeline to the onboarding pipeline which goes directly from SALES to CS team. the need of copying the line items is extremely important because the CS team must know which kind of onboarding process they should do, the same like contacts they should be in touch with and company associated. Appreciate your kind help here


+1 As we are finding the current way to be redundant from sales to support teams and we would like a clean way to identify what product(s) have been purchased and where the progression is as a status towards completion (Date service(s) go live, when they are running, and ended). 


Would love to see Line Item properties available to push to a Google Sheet.


Would love to see Line Item properties available to push to a Google Sheet.

Or at the very least - to be able to dump all line items to a CSV file. 
Anybody know of a way to do this? 

This would be such a welcome addition. It's needed to further automate the Sales Process we're in. 

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Hi @MeganLegge , I see you're looking at other examples of line item use in workflows and I have one here. https://community.hubspot.com/t5/HubSpot-Ideas/Copy-Product-Information/idi-p/380442


Also very much needed here.

Alternatively or additionally it would also be great to be able to define a default set of products / line items per deal / pipeline (independent from workflows).

+1 to the comment below.

Also very much needed here.

Alternatively or additionally it would also be great to be able to define a
default set of products / line items per deal / pipeline (independent from

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Current hubspot customer with a growing e-commerce business that did turned over 1million dollars in less than 10 months from launch. We have a  2 shopify stores. When an order comes in, it goes into the production cycle as we make to order.

Current use case:

1) Shopify integration creates deal with deal info, contact info and line item info and associated them all into the sales pipeline

2) We have a workflow that then creates a new deal into the production pipeline. Reason for creating a new deal: the shopify integration has control over the deal and whenever it syncs, it pulls the deal back. Having this workflow is the only workaround I can find. However, I can only create a deal and associate the contact, not the line item.


It would be useful to associated the line items in new deals.



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Hi, we are also coming up against a similar issue. For renewals, we just have a field "renewed" if "yes" create a new deal with the line items for them to just go adjust the term + start date in the line item and delete one that is not getting renewed. A simple change, if this the deal can be copied with the line item. Otherwise, limiting for the sales team as they have to create the line item again. 


This would be a game changing feature for us. We have a slightly different user case but requiring the same tool. We have parent deals which may belong to a local authority and individual deals against their subsidaries. The parent deal is a rolled up view of all of the subsidaries. Sometimes these can run into 100's of deals to be created. 


We would use this tool by sales updating a custom property against a subsidary which would create a deal and add the relevant products! We can do the deal automatically currently but no line items


Please please please release this

Status updated to: Being Reviewed
HubSpot Product Team

Hi folks,


I’m Megan Legge, a product manager for HubSpot’s workflows tool. I’m coming to you today with an update, that I’ll be moving this idea from In Planning, back to Being Reviewed. We’ve unfortunately hit an unexpected development roadblock that means we’ll need more time before we can deliver this feature, so that when we do, we ensure it’s a high-quality feature that meets your expectations.


Any news about this feature request will be relayed on this thread, so stay tuned.




Real pain that Hubspot does not manage PRODUCTS like the other objects, so we cannot have the related automated dashboards available, and plan our marketing campaigns also according to the product criteria!

For us it is a deal breaker!

When we import a transaction (not always manually created based on a standard sales funnel when your business is more B2C), we need to SEEMLESSLY associate those with CONTACTS and PRODUCTS.

as of today:

- association with CONTACTS is manual (export, Vlookup in excel, then reimport) time consuming and can cause mistakes

- association with PRODUCTS is simply not POSSIBLE! My customer buy Trainign A, and I cannot have that in Hubspot, can you believe it in 2021 seriously?


I have recently started to use Hubspot and in my company, all deals are added as line products. So I cannot make a list according to the packages we offer since we cannot move line items to prospects. I see that this topic rolling on since 2018. I am not an expert but this feature shouldn't be hard to accomplish for HubSpot. It is a shame to not having actually. What a pity!


The lack of this feature is causing our company to look into Salesforce. I've worked in numerous CRMs and this is a must-have if HubSpot wants to be a true CRM. 

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Needed, so following to be kept up to date on when this feature might be released. 


In lieu of Hubspot addressing this issue, I used Zapier to create an automation to automatically add/associate line items to renewal deals based on recurring line items in the initial deal.  We don't have a lot of products, so this was pretty simple to do.  Like everyone else has already said, this really needs to be doable in Hubspot .