Option to automatically add a product to a deal with workflows


Hi team,


It would be great to be able to automatically add certain Products to Deals within Workflows. For example, if a customer comes in via a certain source and all of the customers from that source are purchasing Product A, all the Deals could then be automatically updated to have that product associated with them.


This would reduce friction for sales teams and allow more seamless Deal creation - the teams wouldn't have to go back and add Products later. Thank you!

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Another vote for this one, we have workflows assigned to specific EOI's and would love to be able to auto-apply a product for these deals so we can forecast our release ROI pre-product launch.

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Hey @MeganLegge any updates on this? 


Many people are waiting for news 🙂


I agree - we really have been looking for ways to link products to certain automations. This way we can create tasks based on specific products, deliver specific content to customers based on product (such as manuals), and overal market to users specifically based on the products they are interested in.



Thank you!

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Hi all,


This is still on our radar, though there are a couple blockers we need to deal with before we could implement something like this. We'll continue to explore our options, as we know this is a need many of you have. I appreciate the continued feedback and use case specifics, which help us ensure we're working on the right solution.





We would love to have this as a function as we have just done a major update to our products and are scaling and need more reports on Products 


Yes please, this is an absolute must!


Agree. As a SaaS business trying to track free trialist to paying customer, automating products in deals would be very helpful.

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Hey folks - my name is Ethan and I'm the Product Manager responsible for Quotes and the Product Library at HubSpot. This idea is something that's actively on our radar and I'm working with our team to prioritize it. I can't give you a definite date, but workflow actions for Quotes, Products, and Line Items is top of mind for us going into 2021.

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Upvoting on behalf of a customer! Would be super useful for them to be able to automate the deal creation of renewal deals and copy over line items from the old deal to the new deal.


In order to increase efficiency for sales teams, and maintain a clean set of data for reporting purposes, it would be great if you could add line items to a deal within a workflow!


Yes please to this. I'm pretty new to Hubspot but not being able to add a "Line item" automatically to a new deal in a workflow seems crazy.  I see this thread has been going for a few years now!!  

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Yes yes a million times yes!


Please, we pay a lot for our Sales Enterprise, we need this function!


If I could upvote this 100 times I would! Any updates on when this is coming would be great!

Status updated to: In Planning
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Hi everyone,


Thanks for your continued feedback and patience. We're actively working on developing this feature, which will be the ability to add line items to deals, when you create deals with workflows, through the Create record action.


Screen Shot 2021-03-09 at 3.13.18 PM.png


I'll post another update when we have more specific information about the launch of this feature.


Thank you!



Hi @MeganLegge ,

Question 1: Will this functionality extend beyond the 'create deal record'?

For example, I would love it if a certain field was filled out with an option on the deal, to automatically add different line items to that deal.

Field on deal is called 'product interested in' and there are three selections. If the select the 'optimize package' then 4 particular line items get auto-added to the deal.

Question 2: from the 'create deal record' function, will we be able to copy line items from one deal into the new deal? Currently we are duplicating deals via workflow into a 'customer renewal' pipeline. The only thing we aren't able to copy over is line items which is our main pain point.

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Hi @abrow ,


In the upcoming change I mentioned, the functionality will be limited to the action to create deal record, and will create a new deal and add specific line items (not copying from another deal). However, we're still digging into other ways we can continue to add more robust line item/deal functionality to workflows, so these additional examples are super helpful. 





Thanks @MeganLegge ,

For reference, I think the natural place to make the copying of line items would be under the 'Associate Deal with" section (screenshot added for clarity).

Currently you are able to associate the old deal's quote with the duplicate deal, so this would just be taking it one step further with associating the line items:




We would love the functionality to copy line items from another deal, for exactly the same reason as @abrow mentioned above: we create duplicates of closed/won deals in a customer renewal pipeline and we can copy the deal details but can't add the same line items.

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Hi there! 


I'm sharing this idea as I spent hours on trying to find a workaround (together with HubSpot Support also) but unfortunately there is no way to do it now. 


Feature: enroll deals in workflows that don't have an associated line item + a possibility to eventualy set a line item via worklfow.


It's not about an ecommerce, it's about a normal Sales Rep that sell training courses. Sometimes they forget to insert an associated line item to the deal, and it leads to an imprecise reports.


Would appreciate any feedback!