Option to automatically add a product to a deal with workflows

Hi team,


It would be great to be able to automatically add certain Products to Deals within Workflows. For example, if a customer comes in via a certain source and all of the customers from that source are purchasing Product A, all the Deals could then be automatically updated to have that product associated with them.


This would reduce friction for sales teams and allow more seamless Deal creation - the teams wouldn't have to go back and add Products later. Thank you!

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It seems that the HubSpot Products has a long way to go to be integrated into the Hubspot platform. This would be extremely helpful and almost expected when they launched this product into Hubspot.

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Seems like products can't be used in automation workflows at this point (for example to update properties such as recurring revenue amount or if it's a project client/retainer client) as well as adding this type of information to "ding-notes". 


Would be great if this would be possible 🙂

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Agreed. It's kind of pointless to have workflows centering around deals if they don't even support products...why would we be able to use a workflow in this case - if we can't add a product to a deal when we automatically create it, for example? (recurring product, if that matters).

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I agree, this is a good idea. I am surprised it is not allready an option to automatically associate products from the product library to a deal. 


How long until this is possible, HubSpot team?  I need this for several of the clients I'm working with. 


Andreas  🙂

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We could use this as well. We are using a workflow trigger to automatically create a deal when a specific form is completed on our website. In this form, we have fields that map to products. It would be great to auto add a product to a deal and bring in the associated potential revenue. 

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We're doing the exact same thing as @kbarrera and I agree completely. It would be great to automatically add products to a deal when a customer fills out a specific form. 

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This would be a great feature to have. Hopefully this thread can get some attention and have it implemented. 

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Key features for us also - we have 100's of products that are grouped in product lines.  Sales want to auto select many products automatically when their deals reach a certain stage.  

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This would go a long way towards making Products a viable feature for us as well.

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It would be amazing to have it available.

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Can we please get this? Why are we bothering to use the Products feature when it's actually not accessible from anywhere else in Hubspot? 

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Please make this work!

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Yes, it seems as if the products feature was launched without thought to tracking actual purchases, not just quotes. I would love to be able to copy products from one pipeline to another.

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I'm a bit late to this party but adding my voice to this chorus of requests! It seems a bit pointless automating deal workflows if we have to manually add products and/or amounts to each deal.

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I request HubSpot community to have a look on all the comments mentioned about integrating Products in workflows associated with contacts/companies. Hope HubSpot will do something this 2020. 🙂

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Yes, we need this too.

Currently we have subscription products.

The workflow would be:

  1. formA-submission
  2. create deal + product A
  3. send quote ->
  4. Check webhook for Stripe success.

No sales team involved and seamless tracking in hubspot ... 



This seems like a generic workflow.

What are today's suggest method to achieve this ?


- Christian

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I did find this that looks like a solution that could work:

A buy now button (CTA)


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Agree. There needs to be an easier way to tie products into deals through workflows and imports. 

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Do we have any updates on this? We would love to have this functionality too, we can do so many things with workflows that it seems a bit restrictive not being able to attach a product to a deal based in conditions/