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Option to archive or unpublish blog listing pages

I would like to be able to archive or unpublish blog listing pages. 

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Followup from this community post.
Following the linked KBA in the community post, it describes how to unpublish a blog POST, not the LISTING PAGE (also called "blog index" in other KBAs which compounds the issue).


Use Case:

We have a test blog and a live blog - both are currently published - want to unpublish the test blog, not have it live and gated. We use the test blog for testing code prior to implementation, staging, and altering modules prior to use. We already use the meta tag for no-index.


There is no "More" button for a Blog Listing Page (see image - account info & url redacted). 


Management for the Blog Listing Pages is nonintuitive and does not follow the same practices as for other page types. It should be congruent throughout.



Am I understanding this correctly: there is no simple method for unpublishing a blog page?

This feature is common to all major open source CMS platforms.

So how is it possible that HubSpot, a paid service, did not implement such a basic feature?

Now I'm jumping through hoops with our dev to implement a workaround.

Unacceptable. HubSpot you need to address this immediately.


wanted a unpublish , archieve or delete button on there , but not getting it ...


If it is true that blog listing pages can't be unpublished or saved as drafts, and so far that does appear to be the case, that seems like a pretty significant oversight. I am curious how users are expected to be able to develop and test blog listing pages if they are automatically published at the moment of creation. Surely there must be another way to create a blog listing page for testing purposes without publishing it.


When is this feature being released by hubspot? It's a basic feature that should already be available!!! Also, why can't I change the page title of the blog listing page...again this is another basic feature which should be enabled by hubspot.

HubSpot Employee

Just tried this myself and found that even when I delete all Blost Posts from the Blog Listing page it still remains live.


Being able to unpublish this would be very helpful, and doesn't lead users to the wrong page


It is truly an oversight, but for a company as HubSpot this is something that needs to be addressed.


I communicated with a HubSpot virtual agent for almost 45 minutes. I logged into my account and saw the blog I am working on showing as published. Sadly the Blog Lising Page cannot be unpubilished or delted. It appears once a template is selected the Lisitng automatically publishes.


There is no way to test blogs. Even if blog pages are deleted the Blog Listing remains active. I asked if I deleted my account if this will remove the Blog Listing response was "even if you delete your account the blog will not be deleted within the account!" 


The ability to test blogs and unpublish are essential tools that add value to the user experience and build brand trust. No one want to know they have a faulty blog listing page just active out there or no one would like to use their resource of time to think through a workaround when HubSpot can enhance their product. This is certainly not user-centric and may reduce lead conversions. 


I joined HubSopt recently to test out the tools. Its ease of use, CMS, etc to consider options for upgrade for a startup. I am also an MBA student and our professor asked us to research and compare platforms. So far all other platforms I have researched have the option to test blogs and websites before publishing and the ability to unplish. These options are available with both free and paid versions. 





I'm just commenting on this thread for visibility. I also can't believe there is no unpublish/archive option for blog listing pages. This would be an exceptional feature. Furthermore, the fact that delete is not in the obvious location - the blog tab under marketing, where you manage everything else to do with the blog - is a little ridiculous. 

I hope HubSpot resolves this issue. 


@SRogers4 between HubSpot's exhorbitent pricing structure, Byzantine tools, and lack of simple features (like a functioning blog found in any open source CMS), our client has moved their site to another platform. We now actively recommend against HubSpot to all our clients.


Last week I realised we couldnt unpublish forms, and now I'm realising the same is true for blog listing pages. That is extremely frustrating HubSpot.