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Option to apply unique filters by axis in custom reporting

New HubSpot users often start building reports based on previous knowledge. For many, this means treating HubSpot custom reporting like reporting in Excel. 

One functionality that has come up recently is the ability to customize how data is displayed within a chart. For example, showing Year 1 as a bar chart by month, and Year 2 as a line chart by month. This design allows you to easily visually process the data (versus stacking or having two bar charts.) 

In this case, I would be able to apply two duplicate properties--sum of Deal Amount, for example--to two y-axes. One would be filtered by Year 1, and the other by Year 2. 

This would also work for filtering by parts of a whole. e.g. Customers versus all lifecycle stages created in a timeframe.  

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Anything that helps people get out of their spreadsheets gets a vote from me! 🙂 

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Thanks, Jen 😊


this would be great to have! I'm working to display two different sets of data within a bar chart - for example, displaying all users who have a property displaying X as one bar, and another displayed bar chart displaying users who have Y and Z in the property. 

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Thanks for the support, Lauren! I see how your use case also mimics excel, and isn't ideal to execute in HubSpot at the moment.