Option to add brief message to a Test Email


I work with several clients using HubSpot, and it would be useful to be able to send a test email with a brief message so I don't have to also send an email saying to be on the lookout for a Test email. 


I used MailChimp before coming to HubSpot and although I find HubSpot emails much more intuitive to work with, MailChimp had this option and made it obvious the message was a comment instead of part of the marketing email. 


An example would be something like "Here's that newsletter we talked about, could you have a look at the graphic and make sure the pricing is correct?" 


It would be a lot easier to send as part of the message instead of separately! 

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Being able to add a comment in the draft when sending it to a recipient would be very useful.  I always used this feature in Constant Contact so that you can point out the message is a draft or ask the recipient for comments, etc.,  The only way to work around this right now is to send the test to myself and then forward it to the reviewer with comments which is not very efficient.