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Option to Send Blog Notification Emails for Re-Published Posts

PLEASE give us the option to re-send blog notification emails for updated/republished posts. We've been blogging for over 8 years, so much of our content strategy is updating and re-publishing (in many cases this is a significant rewrite) of existing articles. Currently the automated Blog Subscriber Notification Emails and social notifications won't consistently go out for these updated articles, even if we Unpublish the article, make changes, and reschedule for a future publish date. HubSpot support has told multiple members of our agency team that these notifications won't go out since the post was previously published. However, we've found that not to be true (they go out sometimes; sometimes not), which further complicates the issue. We have to wait 15 min after every blog we publish to see if the notification goes out and manually schedule an email and social posts if it didn't. This is SUPER frustrating.


Please just give us an option when we hit publish that's a Yes/No to "Do you want to resend notification email and social notifications?" The current inconsistencies introduce SO MUCH RISK for us and our clients to look bad and miss out on lead conversions. 

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Agreed. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to why an optimized/updated blog sends a notification email for one client randomly and then doesn't the next time... or why some clients accounts send them and others don't. Give the option/control to the admin user to determine whether a notification email is appropriate. They're the best one to make that determination and shouldn't have to go through a guessing game each time. The inconsistencies and outcomes can harm client relationships and frustrate prospects, making them think the person/company sending the email (or not) doesn't have their act together.


Agree this is very much needed. It is common practice to rewrite content and subscribers should be receiving the updated articles in the notification emails. It's very frustrating to not have the option/control to set what is included in RSS emails. I would be fine with an option at time of republish to select Yes/No to include in the next scheduled subscription email send.


I also agree. The notification of blog newsletter should always be possible and set as an option for the publisher even with updated posts and not only with new posts. Updating posts is an essential part of a content marketing strategy.

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I really need this functionality too.

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Yes we need this too. 

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We need this too! The current workaround of sending out mails manually is not practical at all.


This would be really useful.


At the moment it seems that subscriber notification emails are not being sent out when a post is updated (rescheduled or unpublished + rescheduled). Obviously it's not appropriate for every blog post update, but it would be very handy to manually choose to resend notifications for a significant one. Especially as there may be new subscribers to the blog since the post was first published.


Agreed! Any update on when this feature would come to HubSpot?

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I experienced this issue just this morning, and I'm puzzled that HubSpot hasn't responded to this thread.  I'll tag some HubSpot employees who have engaged in other blog-related thread in hopes that we can get an update on this issue. @jackcoldrick @ruthfarrell @PamCotton 

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I am also interested in this. It would simplify things for me.


I definitely agree!! This is an absolute must. If the blog is unpublished and then republished as a refresh it should be able to have the email to go along with it, just as any other post. 


It has been four years and we are still asking for this feature. Please make this happen. Blogs are a huge part of a company's content strategy. The ability to update content and republish without creating an entirely new post would do wonders. Changing an article without being able to push it out in the automatic messages doesn't do anything for its visibility. 


This is really needed!

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