Option to Select "Owner Name" Token in "Form Submission Notifications" Sections to Notify Sales Reps

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In the “Form Submission Notifications” section (when either editing a landing page or in the "Edit Form Actions” within a website page) the only options of whom to send the form submission email notifications to are the specific individuals listed in the drop down from our HubSpot account.


The reason this is problematic is because I also want my sales reps to immediately receive these same email notifications, individually, for every form submission ONLY related to the contacts that they are owners of.


Granted, I could add all sales reps to all “Form Submission Notifications” sections, but Sales Rep A doesn't need to receive email notifications for form submissions of a contact that is assigned to Sales Rep B and vice versa.


I would like to see the “Form Submission Notifications” section have the token for "Owner Name" () be listed as an option so that the sales rep, whom the contact filling out the form is assigned to, receives these email notifications just as easily as everyone else selected does.


The way this is currently configured, the only way to send unique form submission email notifications to the Contact Owner is through a convoluted workflow/recipe, where I have to (continuously) add every single form as the starting condition, and then "send an internal email" that is customized with all sorts of tokens, in order to provide the sales rep/contact owner with the name of the form that has been submitted and the pertinent information (using tokens) that I want them to see right away.


I have tried to create smart lists that include everyone that has filled out a form and then start a workflow with that list, but the problem is that in order for my goal to be achieved, each form submission needs to be a new starting condition so that an email is triggered every single time a form is completed and have that form submission notification email only go to the corresponding Contact Owner.


Is it possible to add the option to select the token for “Owner Name” in all of the “Form Submission Notifications” sections?

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HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
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Wanted to share the good news that this is something that's currently in development. Currently no concrete timeline but as we have news we'll keep this idea updated with progress. Thanks for your feedback everyone. Smiley Happy 

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So glad to hear that this is in the works! We have the same issue...but we have 80 sales reps. It would be a workflow nightmare, so I don't even try.

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Looks like this has been deployed. I was looking for a way to turn this on in individual sales users accounts (as this seemed like something an individual sales rep could choose - like choosing to get alerts when they are assigned a contact) and noticed this thread. When I looked in the form notiifcation options - I noticed that there was an option to send the submission notification to their contact owner.