Option to Open Deal in a New Window


Unless I'm missing this feature, this is a must add IMO.


Currently, if I want to dive deeper into a Deal record, I lose my current window to view the entire Deal.  When i'm finished and click back to go to the next record (maybe lower in the list of Deals) it takes me back to a refreshed window, losing my spot, so making me scroll back down to the "next deal" to manage. I will sometimes work via date, last contacted etc, so losing the window means restting or scrolling unecesarily.  This is a major pain when you're working deal by deal. I'm sure i'm not alone in wanting this feature. I also prefer to work in the Tab view, not list view. 


So in short, Click on Deal, Opens in New Window. The original window remains in place as I left it so I don't havce to scroll through the list.