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Option to Automatically associate a NOTE created under a DEAL or COMPANY with linked CONTACTS

When creating a NOTE under a DEAL, it would be very useful to have that NOTE automatically associated with the CONTACTS associated with the DEAL.


Similarly, when creating a NOTE under a COMPANY, it would be very useful to have that NOTE automatically associated with the CONTACTS associated with the COMPANY.


I'd envision this as a configurable option within settings where the Hubspot admin can identify the default association settings.

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Ya, it's all over the place my customer service reps have to check notes under contact, deal and tickets to find all notes related to the account. Surely the notes should be all under the contact notes. So if a note was created under a deal it should save under the contact notes. Be great to get this implemented soon as it's it's quite messy. 


This would be a great feature, especially for notes that come through an integration. As of now, users have to go in and manually associate the note to a company record, which isn't ideal.


When I enter a company record, I expect to see all relevant information on all contacts associated with that company, including all notes in the contacts records. Because there is no way to automatically associate all notes in a contacts record to the company record, I have to open up all associated contacts and read through all of their records, or I have to associate each note to the company manually.
HubSpot needs to make this an automatic option, or when filtering the activity in a contact record, have notes as a filter option.
I have been trying to find a workaround for this for months.


I agree, we need this feature because it saves a lot of time and all the notes of a contact and company can be found together.Also, this would cost us a lot of API calls.
Regular maintenance is also necessary.
It would make the workflow a lot easier.



This would be a very helpful feature. It would also work if we could set up an automation to do this.


This is very much needed, we encourage our team to leave notes but the associations are all over the place. This should be a setting we can configure for specific objects e.g. when leaving a note on a deal, always associate contact & deal, never associate with the company.


Please add this feature!! As others have said, the notes are scattered all over the place between different deals. When a customer calls, our team needs to be able to pull up his record and see ALL of the notes that have been made when interacting with that customer. Not be forced to go searching around between different deals. HubSpot devs...make this happen please!


This is a very useful case. Notes are scattered all over the place. I agree with OP. If a note is created under the deal, the note should automatically associate the contact and company to that note. Along with if a note is created under the contact, it should also automatically associate to the company associated to the note. This is useful when measuring sales activity and reporting. Sure - they leave a note but if it isn't associated to the contact or company, then there wouldn't be any visiability for a support team member or sales management to review if anything escalates for tracking and history of the deal.  


Would be super helfpul to be able to have default deal to contact associations.


Huge plus one to this suggestion. Our reps right now have to do the manual association step 20+ times per day, having a default (associate with related objects) would be a huge time-saver and quality of work improvement.