Option for import not to override existing contacts, company, etc., details

This is in regards to importing contacts and other data  (e.g., company profiles). It would be geat if the import feature 1. flagged any contacts on an import list that were already in a customer's HubSpot CRM, 2. notified the user doing the import of which contacts already existed, and 3. presented the user with the option to download a list of these contacts. It would be great if the user then had the option of to a. import (and thus update) existing contacts information, b. exclude these contacts from being imported (i.e., leave these customer profiles as-is), or c. import these customers but only update the missing fields in HubSpot. 


The reason for this feature is that we have several people in our company who will import their customers into HubSpot. Contacts may be on more than one list, and it's important that certain customer data is not over-ridden by someone else's import.


Thank you!

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Yes.  In fact, how is this not already standard?  This should be a built in feature to importing.  Across the board, lack of basic features like these constantly make me feel like Hubspot is still in beta.

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Agreed that this should be a standard practice! Very upset this isn't already something that's available to use. 

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Welcome to HubSpot 😕