Option for disabling attachments in the chat


We have been receiving spam from chatters on our site that includes all sorts of attachments, from documents to pictures, that are completely irrelevant. I'd like to suggest an option to disable the file attachment feature of the chatbot.


This sort of activity can be dangerous, on top of being obnoxious. We don't want anyone on our Hubspot team to click on a potentially dangerous file. In addition, disabling it would clean up much of our chat conversations.


If we have no need for attachments in our chat, we should not have to have them enabled.

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Yup, we got inappropriate pictures of people's genitalia. Why in the world is this not something that you can turn on or off?? Please fix this asap. 


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Totally agree.  It doesn't make sense to not have on/off control of this feature.  I hope HubSpot fixes this ASAP.


I agree with all your points mentionend! Hubspot should offer an option to turn upload on/off.

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We have had teh same problem with inappropriate pictures through chat. It is silly that we cannot turn off this option. There is no reason our client's ever need to send a file through chat.  

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We have a client who is an attorney and it could be bad for a lead to upload something like legal documents to chat. It creates a nasty, complicated situation. Think of the financial firms and other consultant type businesses that don't want chat to be used this way.


I received this today from HubSpot Support:

Thanks so much for your patience while I was digging into this for you. I spoke with one of the product managers from our engineering team, and am happy to report that not only are we getting ready to roll out a beta for this feature, but I actually have a workaround that you can implement right now to disable the file upload feature in your chat widget.


You will just need to add the following script to the head HTML of any page with your chat widget on it. Seeing as your chatflow  looks to be targeting all website pages, I'd recommend adding the script at the domain-level if possible. Here is that script:

  window.hsConversationsSettings = {
    disableAttachment: true


Status updated to: In Beta
HubSpot Product Team

 Hi all- Thanks @GeoComb for posting that. We are working on getting this documentation in our API docs right now, but this is available for beta and fully supported as posted above! 


I will resolve this idea as soon as we get this posted in our tech docs. 





Status updated to: Delivered
HubSpot Product Team

This is now out live to all! You find documentation for this functionality in our API docs, specifically in the Disable Attachments section. https://developers.hubspot.com/docs/methods/conversations_api/hsconversationssettings

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Great stuff. I love it when a reasonable idea gets action.  Thanks @cdewey22 


Awesome team there at HubSpot! They even set up a zoom with the dev team and myself to get feedback and details.

Thank you!

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Is there not an option inside of HubSpot to disable attachments? Ideally, this would be implemented instead of requiring users to upload a code snippet to the site. Would make this easier to manage downstream.


There is not going to be an option within the UI to implement this. I thought they had done that when I posted my glowing comment, but all they actually did was to post the existing snippet. They do not intend to make a config option in the UI at this time. It would be easy to make a switch at the chat inbox to enable/disable it with simple visibility rules on the fly with JS but it isn't a priority...yet.