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Option for Deal value to sync with discounted Quote values

When negotiating a deal, dropping a custom discount on-the-fly can often be what ultimately tips a lead to a customer. In turn, that discount changes the value of a deal...or at least, it should!


The trouble is, right now it doesn't.


Custom discounts aren't automatically reflected in the deal value and it's not an option. So in order to keep deals up to date, every time a new discounted quote is produced, a rep has to remember to head back to the deal and update the value manually.


That might be ok once. But doing that multiple times, on multiple deals is setting reps up to fail. What's more, it seems kinda crazy, particularly when product level (i.e. a discounted version of the product) discounts are reflected in the deal value. 


So it's not that the value doesn't update. It's that discounts are disregarded despite unqeustionably impacting the value of a deal. How is this intended behaviour?


Sure, we could go in and build out 5%, 10%, 15%, 20% discounted versions of each of our products, but where do we stop? It seems like it would be incredibly confusing and result in an unnecessarily bloated product library, while making the in-quote discounting essentially arbitrary.


The inconsistency adds confusion for reps, extra steps toward managing deals in the pipeline, and will likely result in inaccuracies when it comes to reporting—meaning extra time double checking the values on all deals.


It seems like it would be easily rectified. I suggest either making it standard behaviour for a deal value to sync with the most recent/accepted quote including discounts, or to at least have some option for that behaviour to exist.

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This is a very important feature for us. Forecasts are heavily deviated if its not refelected!


Each global discount, fee or TAX should be able to reflect or not in the amount. For example:


Global deal discount 10% - YES

Shipping costs 200€ - NO (we dont want to forecast this as a revenue)

VAT 19% - NO (we dont want taxes reflected in the deal amounts)


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There is a workaround with programmable automation in workflows.
You can update the Deal Amount based on the associate quote Total Value. It has some limitations (one quote per deal) but it can work in a number of situations. 
I hope it helps

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Posting on behalf of a cust here! Would really appreciate the ability have the deal amount updated automatically whenever a discount is applied for more accurate data and ease of use for reps.


It's great to hear that a workflow could help as a workaround. That said, having an *option* in Deal settings to allow the deal amount to always reflect the most recently updated quote value would be very helpful for us.