Optimize tab should incorporate Google Ads Recommendations

It seems to me that the Optimize tab in HubSpot Ads should incorporate all of the suggestions Google Ads throws at you via the Recommendations tab. It's one and the same tab essentially, and with the power of HubSpot and Google behind you, you just can't fail!

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Did you mean to post all of these in the ideas forum? The HubSpot product personnel you want seeing these are more often looking there, then they are the Sales or Marketing product forums. 

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I sure did -_-


I will upload them to the Ideas tab

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
updated to: Not Currently Planned

This is a great idea. We are in active conversation with the advertising networks to find ways to surface their direct suggestions within HubSpot. We do not, though, have any immediate plans in this space.