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Optimised linking of conversations and tickets

Hello everyone,

One of our customers has a quite centralised communication. He has several mailboxes, one of which - because of the very variable content - does not automatically create tickets. Furthermore, the end customers often use the existing communication channels for "wrong" topics, which results in the shifting of conversations.
So far, everything is feasible and understandable. Now, however, two problems arise:


1. if a new message is moved from the central mailbox, which does not create a ticket, to a mailbox that creates a ticket, NO ticket is created. In my opinion, this contradicts the automatic creation of a ticket when a new message is received.


2. if a message creates a ticket that is in the wrong mailbox, you can move the conversation, but the ticket will not be moved to the pipeline connected to the new mailbox, but will remain in the old pipeline.


Both of these issues are currently considered desired behaviour by HubSpot. Unfortunately, this is not satisfactory for our customer...
What is your opinion?