Opt users out of certain email types

It would be extremely helpful to have the option to only subscribe contacts to a certain email type when they fill out a form, instead of automatically opting them into ALL email types automatically. At least have the option to opt contacts out of certain other email types.


The reason is, if you wanted contacts to opt into your blog subscription emails ONLY and not any other email types, then that should be the only email type they should be subscribed to. I don't want contacts to get any other email types (if, let's say that I send out a marketing email that they weren't subscribed to).



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I am having an issue where some of our contacts will call in and ask us to unsubscribe them from certain marketing emails. The current set up does not allow the Hubspot user to manage this. Our folks are not super tech-savvy so it is important that we have a way to accommodate them when asked.

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Will there be any changes to this issue? 

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 Yes, we need this. Only customers should be opted IN for specific customer marketing emails and alerts. Consequently, having this property (opt into ABC email type) is needed to creating lists.


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giving this a follow as it's driving us insane not being able to use subscription types to create lists..

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We soooo desperately need this. We have a number of different email types. The audience of each email type has absolutely nothing to do with the others. I'd love to be able to filter smart lists and workflows based on the email types contacts have opted into and out of. Users can opt out of individual email types from the subscription screen, but I'd prefer to not show everyone all the email types since they target very different audiences.