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Opt Out Option for email attachments automatically be added to the Attachments section of the record

Our sales team is having difficulty with the feature where when a one-to-one email is sent in HubSpot, any attached files will also automatically be added to the Attachments section of the record.  Resulting in


1.) confidential, sensative, or internal client materials becomeing attachements in hubspot

2.) the proliferation of versioned documents appearing as multiple attachements in hubspot

3.) images from email signatures are being tagged as attachments


additionaly, when we manualy remove an attachement in hubspot, that document will re-attach the next time the contaning email thread is replied to.


Is is possible to have an opt out option for this functionality? Either at the user level, meaning a user can opt to have none of their email attachements pushed to the contact, deal, company in hubspot.  Or at the docuement level, meaning when an attachement is being sent an option will apear asking if the document should be attached within hubspot.


Thank you



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We are expiriencing a proliferation of automatic attachements in Hubspot.  


Is there any update on if a change to this feature has been made or is planned?  It would usefull have a reply.  


thank you.


100% need this - many others do as well as noted in this other submission:


We definitely need this for our teams too! Numerous document versions and email signature graphics are attachments. 

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Will be really helpful to have this as some customers see more than hundreds of attachments build up due to email signature attachments! 


Hubspot has rolled out an opt out option for email attachments.  here is a link to their guidance.


Great to see this idea was implemented! 


Now that we have the ability to turn this off, does anyone know of an efficient way to clean-up the extraneous attachments from records, especially the email signature images? 


Automatically attaching documents (largely images from email trailers) from email has saturated the attachments section of a Customer Record. 


Implementing this idea from @joverholt would enable our sales team to use Contact/Company Records as a place to store client-related documents; making HubSpot CRM a key strategic application for storing client-related documents. 

Thank you @PamCotton for recommending this idea. 




I would love the option to log attachments but NOT log the e-mail signature icons (Facebook, Twitter etc.) sometimes we need the actual attachment but not any of those unnecessary images.


I agree with SComeau. We like having the attachments automatically attached, but it would be good if we could set a minimum size threshold or certain file types (.gif, .jpg) or a combination of the two to avoid these tiny image icons.


We too would like to be able to log some email attachments, but not the email signature jpg files.  Would be great if this was an option as currently there are 3 to 4 irrelevant email attachments being saved.  A way to pick what you want saved would be ideal.



I agree - the automatic attachment feature is a nuisance.  It would be much more preferable if users had the option to add attachments to a contact when necessary.


We would love to have a section where our company can store ONLY FULLY executed contracts.  The attachments section get so clouded up from all email attachments dropping into the Attachments section that it makes it difficult to find the fully executed contracts.  Can HubSpot create a new section at both the COMPANY and DEAL level where we can drop fully executed contracts into so these do not get lost in the shuffle of standard email attachments?  


100% agree with this

Automatic attachment recording in Hubspot is not a good solution. We need to control this


I was thrilled to see the option to turn off storing email attachments, so that my Deal records would stop being cluttered up with email signatures and such, and we could use the feature to store the key contract documents.


BUT ... as soon as I turned off email attachments, MY SUPPORT INBOX STARTED REJECTING ATTACHMENTS. So support engineers don't get the screen shots that are attached to support tickets!


So NEITHER setting really does what I want... *sigh*