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Opt Out Call Option

We would like to have an Opted Out of Calls property for both Contact and Company objects and would like this linked to the Call option on the record. If the record is opted out of calls, when you click to call on HubSpot, it should appear with a message to warn they have been opted out before someone makes the call. 

We currently only have this option for emails.

This will help us with GDPR. 

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@HBruce completely agree with this.

We've tried a number of different approaches as workarounds and while none are perfect, one route has provided some help here:


1 - Create a checkbox property on both the contact and company level - you can call it DNC (Do Not Call)

2 - If someone asks to be opted out of calls, update the DNC property on that record

3 - Create a user with admin priveledges (or on a higher tier team if you have an enterprise sales package)

4 - Set up a workflow that when DNC is selected, the owner of that record/contact is updated to the new user

5 - Change your settings so that people can only contact companies or contacts that they own themselves or are owned by someone on their team


After this update, basic users would not be able to contact any record with DNC selected. There are certainly limitations to this route (emails can't be sent either, notifications would now be sent to the new user vs. the rightful owner, etc.) but if avoiding calls is the priority, this could be an option.


Hope this helps!