Open live chat by a click of a hyperlink

Open live chat by a click of a hyperlink or button on a page.


To look professional, we usually write "contact us" in the footer of our websites. But that leads us to a contact form which is emailing. Why not give users the option to click on a hyperlink that says "chat with us" which will open the live chat widget.


This has already been a feature in other live chat companies like Intercom. As a consumer myself, I find it professional to have a hyperlink or a button that says "chat with us". It instantly increases conversions. I know we have triggered messages and bot chatflows but many times the user don't want to get annoyed by the text bubble and instead wants to open the live chat when he/she really wants. Having a hyperlink or button has a psycological effect which eases the user's mind and thus increases the chances of higher conversion rates.