Open, Click Rates, Sequencing reports added to dashboards

I want two things added to the reporting capabilities:


1st should be simple. Have the ability to add the top two sequencing reports to a dashboard.  See below: Sequence Report v2.PNG


The other would be to add an open and click rate report based on a custom property of a contact with additional filters.  For example, we created a custom contact property called Campaigns that the Business Development team uses for their initiatives.  This property is not part of the marketing domain of HubSpot.  It would be nice to also have the custom property on the activity too, such as email so it would be more accurate.  We need to filter on the contact's campaign property, the activity create date, the activity created by and be able to see the numbers for emails  Sent, Open, and Clicked.  Of course we would want to drill on the numbers.