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Only track sales interactions - Outlook

Hi guys,


I would love it if tracking would only work for sales interactions and not internal interactions. There little to no need for myself or any colleague to know whether who's opened an email internally.


I know it's possible to block IP addresses, but this still shows up in the activity feed as well as creating desktop notifications, which are incredibly annoying when I send an email to 10+ colleagues.


It's called a Sales Tool and should therefore only be for Sales Smiley feliz





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I would also like to add that it would be ideal to block emails to contacts with certain labels, i.e. if our Boss is talking to Client A about something that is believed to be in confidence, it should be noted automatically that Boss had interaction with Client A surrounding Deal B which moved it along Internal Sales Pipeline B. No need for specific context as alot of individuals have access to this private information and it puts a large burden on not only our administrative staff but our support staff as well to quickly identify and remove any of these occurances as of course the Boss is not as technically versed as the younger junior staff. I would imagine something similar to call recording, where you get a prompt after an email to a "client" labeled Lead, to decide what you want to log, as there are always sensitive things that the junior staff and sales do not need to be aware of as of course they are already clients.  So similar to calling, you have the choice to record the call, and how you want to log it after you are done, and it is up to the boss to disclose what he wants in the prompt and or if someone wishes to talk to him after the fact based on the interaction in the client file.


Forgot to add here but I want to make an example, Say you have Client A, you are talking to their owner operator about Product Line B based on rather confidential facts (such as they need to reduce the cost of training time due to training material being overly expensive even though the staff really enjoys the training material), now this is confidential perhaps because it is a very large part of their business and operation and perhaps a Key staff member is in charge of the training. Anyways, you have Sales Associate service them on the regular or consult with them whatever you want to call it, he notes the interaction Boss had with Client A in "private" but it wasn't labeled or marked as private, and Boss never got to fully discuss the implication surrounding it because Boss did not fully label the calls and emails (as they do not 90% of the time with an assistant stepping up), so sales associate goes to service client and do checkins and conduct regular consulting activities when he notifies them rather non-chalantly of a change to training system when he is out to lunch with say the Key Staff Member. This example could cost us a huge account, and it has cost us a huge account in the past. It has implemented the need for regular pre-meeting check-ups and forced our support staff to drill our sales guys which of course is not good for sales culture as it is best to supply them with tools not question what they are going to do with each and every tool when they have been doing it for decades.


I would not only like to see labels\tags, but also some conditional logic that can be deployed on a whole system level.  It is terrible feature to have all emails show up in this tool and we need some tools to engineer around that.

Neues Mitglied

The ability to select only certian emails as a CEO/Executive is extremely important.  While I know I can turn it off/on I always forget to turn it on.


I would love an option so a popup would show up when I send an email prompting me to select whether I want to track or not track that specific email / contact.