Only log emails to EXISTING CRM contacts!!

We have the outlook sidekick plugin on our email accounts, which logs emails and gives you a nice sidebar for more contact details. - Which is great for our actual customer contacts.


However, this plugin is currently adding absolutely everyone to our CRM automatically, so I've got a list of emails with no other data, and some contacts are irrelevant and not necessary for our CRM. 


PLEASE can you make an option, that only LOGS Emails to existing CRM contacts. And if a contact is not in the CRM, it should pop up and say - "This contact is not in CRM do you what to add this contact" Y/N.


This way - I won't end up having a list as long as my arm, of half filled out contacts from my team. 🙂 


Thank you








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HubSpot Product Team

Thanks for your feedback @TCoop! We've heard similar feedback in the past. There's ongoing work to figure out what the future of Marketing Email and Sales Email will look like longer term, which this is definitely a part of. We don't have any concrete answer yet, just wanted to let you know that we're keeping it in mind. Thanks!

HubSpot Product Team

Thanks for reaching out @jennyjidy. It's possible that I'm missing something obvious here but I couldn't quite understand exactly what you mean by auto-fill more than just the primary contact for email. Could you provide a little more information on the use-case here and where the tool is currently too limiting? Thanks!

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My idea is not exactly the same but goes into the same direction. Rich Text Module would be one solution but I also find it useful to have flexible text/image modules where we at least can configure position of image and text flow around the image.

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+1. This is hugely important, as I rely on the database to automatically ingest my emails with their corresponding contacts. 

On the other hands, I would MUCH rather not have to go through regularly and de-dupe contacts that haven't had their emails updated. In one sense it does help keep my information up to date, but I'd *MUCH* rather be able to opt out of creating new contacts for email addresses that don't match up while *still* logging emials to existing contacts. 

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It is crazy this is not a thing!!! Please implement we have so many pointless contacts 

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Once you have submitted your support for this idea, please submit a BUG REPORT. This is no longer considered a 'nice to have feature request', but a BROKEN system that makes it unusable and illegal in a GDPR world. If you are adding email addresses that are not already in your Hubspot account, you are opting people into a marketing database without their consent. 

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I'd like to have this feature too. We really need the option to embed a pop-up on articles of an specific category/tag. 

HubSpot Product Team

Thanks for posting, @AlissaS! I agree, this can be a pretty painful experience. We don't currently have a solution for it, but we're hoping that we can make some big improvements to this in the future. Looking forward to more feedback/upvotes on this post. Thanks Smiley Happy

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We have the same issue, and this would be a great help for us too!

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Yes, the current workflow of having to go into each and every contact you'd like on a list is way to time consuming, so this is definitely needed! 


Especially because it is difficult to only use filters in the active lists, and having to create a property for each list, then change that property for contacts you'd want in the list, is equally time consuming. 

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Yes please, that icon is cute, but scares the people.

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Agreed - the current process is very cumbersome and doesn't even work properly.


I want to be able to test a deal based workflow as an actual contact would receive the workflow emails. 

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I really want Hubspot to keep the Analyze tab. It's easy to follow up with the stats every day. I really like the summary availabe and it's really helpful to share with my boss whenever there is something new, or a growth that's worth to share with the executives. 


It seems silly, but if I have the report right next to the blog, I keep the habit to review the stats every day. I am sure this is going to change if Hubspot move the tab to the Report's page.

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Yes! This is a very necessary piece of automation that needs to exist!

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Put a [Create Contact] button in RHS Contacts section of Company.
This provides consistancy with other sections as in [Add Deal] [Create Deal]... [Add ticket] [Create Ticket]

and makes the UX more efficient.

Similarly a [Create Company] button should be added to RHS section of Contacts.
Every entry I make has me going back and forth between CO and Contact to get a customer entered.

Its called CRM for a reason. There is almost always a need to enter both the first time. after that the URL takes care of it.

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This post should be categorised in Companies and Contacts. Can't change that as a replier!!!


I agree with some of the commentators here - this isn't really a 'nice to have' - it seems more like a bug. The problem is that the plugin is putting huge numbers of irrelevant contacts in to our CRMs, and Hubspot charges you per contact over a certain number. Other automation platforms charge you in more intuitive ways - e.g. by number of emails sent or some other metric that actually considers which contacts are 'marketing active' and which are just 'contacts'. Personally, although we don't use it, i feel that the Slack model of charging by activity is nearer to what Hubspot should be doing to stand itself apart from the competition.


I thought the whole reasoning behind Hubspot charging per contact, regardless of whether the contact is 'active', or not, was that we were being encouraged to keep really succinct and cleanly tagged lists of engaged contacts. The fact that this bug exists in the plugin seems to undermine that - Hubspot is bascially saying 'track everyone you email' unless you remember to swithch the button off everytime! And then very conveniently, Hubspot charges you for those contacts that are getting added!


My feeling is that we will need to refuse to pay the extra amount chargeble on our bill that is there as a result of our having gone over the contact thresholds. This bug makes is more difficult to automate certain aspects of our contact maintenance - as one poster mentioned above, they're having to pay an external person to sort this out for them.


I really understand that the Hubspot team have 1000s of feature requests and bugs to deal with, and i also understand that ultimately the plugin is an extra that has been added in to the suite of inclusions to improve a product that we would have bought even if it didn't include that plugin. However i feel that if you add a product feature that is inconsistent with something as core as your pricing/ commercial model, then this is a 'bug' just the same as a technology bug. Arguably it is more severe because it relates directly to something we're being asked to pay extra for.


So either you switch off the plugin altogether and take the gamble that people won't start moving to other automation platforms that offer this type off functionality bug-free OR you fix it quickly and leave the plugin on because you think it is important.


Thanks for reading.





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I have to admit... I'm starting to feel like we made a mistake choosing HubSpot.


The most serious concern I have with regard to this particular request is that the fix is (or should be) extremely simple.


The hard part - determining whether the Contact already exists - is already there. All that is needed is one additional option to - instead of 'Create new Contact', just 'Discard Email'.


The lack of this feature, and the inability to natively and easily copy/sync fields (properties) between the different modules, has me seriously doubting the viability of continuing spinnging this relationship up.


I'm very close to recommending we cancel our contract for cause (lack of featureset), and going with Salesforce.

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I upvoted all of them and this one.


I'm extremely surprised this wasn't implemented from the very beginning (I know if I was coding it, I would have done so).


And the solution is si extremely simple - just one more code path to 'Discard email' instead of 'Create New Contact'.


This concerns me, because I think it means they did this on purpose. Why? Maybe because they charge by the number of Contacts???

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Don't get your hopes up. This has been a request for over 2 years. Since that time, GDPR and CA's version has made it illegal to use mail integration without this feature. Each time we press them on it, we are told that it is impossible. Really.