Only log emails to EXISTING CRM contacts!!

We have the outlook sidekick plugin on our email accounts, which logs emails and gives you a nice sidebar for more contact details. - Which is great for our actual customer contacts.


However, this plugin is currently adding absolutely everyone to our CRM automatically, so I've got a list of emails with no other data, and some contacts are irrelevant and not necessary for our CRM. 


PLEASE can you make an option, that only LOGS Emails to existing CRM contacts. And if a contact is not in the CRM, it should pop up and say - "This contact is not in CRM do you what to add this contact" Y/N.


This way - I won't end up having a list as long as my arm, of half filled out contacts from my team. Emoticono feliz 


Thank you








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There are no less than 4 "Ideas" pages all asking (in different ways) for this same feature!.  Please go and upvote all of them. Here are the links:


Please go an upvote all of them.

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There are no less than 4 "Ideas" pages all asking (in different ways) for this same feature!.  Please go and upvote all of them. Here are the links:

 Please go and upvote all of them. 

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There are no less than 4 "Ideas" pages all asking (in different ways) for this same feature!.  Please go and upvote all of them. Here are the links:

Please go and upvote all of them. 


We cannot have hubspot creating accounts automatically. We want to log gmail conversations, but creating an account for every email address it sees makes it an unusable feature. How is it GDPR compliant?


Creating a new contact for every random email it sees makes this Hubspot feature a mess for GDPR compliance. Creating a bunch of workflows to catch or delete these random addresses is messy. Manually doing it is painful. 

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I am blown away that this isn't already a feature. 

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Would love to see this as well (for both Android and iOS)! Could have a Sales Hub and Marketing Hub app. Marketing Hub should include the calendar, projects, blogs, landing pages, and social media. I would LOVE to schedule my social media on an app! Especially with Instagram...much easier to take a photo and create a post from my phone rather than coming back to my desktop. 


Projects would be nice to see to keep track of my to-do list on the go and add to it if I'm in a meeting. That plus the Calendar allows me to see what my week is like without having to get on my desktop computer. The Blogs and Landing Pages should include a simple editor and stat view. Even WordPress allows you to do some writing work on their app.


Everything is mobile-accessible now I'm surprised that HubSpot hasn't created this already! Even accessing the stuff on a browser on a phone isn't awesome! Where's the responsive-ness??

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How. HOW does HubSpot not do this!?


(A question I now seem to be asking myself about various expected features on a regular basis...)

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Update: we are now paying an external development provider £720 per year to make this happen. It's fiddly to admin and took hourse to set up, and every time we add a new user we need to do extra work. I'm extremely glad we've found a solution, but my word - I am so disappointed that HubSpot do not allow this! It's a GDPR nightmare.


Looking at the other threads where this has been logged, it's been an issue since 2017 and there's no sign of it even being acknowledged, let alone fixed. And of course requests to support go completely ignored, or they give you the runaround.


Does anyone else get this issue where you contact Support about something like this, and they talk in circles about what the platform can do, instead of just giving you a straight answer explaining, "No sorry, you can't do that."? It drives me crazy. At least be honest so I know what I'm dealing with and can go find someone who can actually fix the problem.

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I've just posted something similiar and was pointed to this trail in order to provide an "upvote"....


Bit worried to see that there are so many other similiar post trails asking for the same thing but no solution?




Apologies if this has been answered or is deemed odd....


I wish to send my emails from Outlook rather than within the Hubspot portal; I have the requisite addins in place and all works fine.


I want to log emails sent to prospects and customers but do not wish to create a contact record for every new email receipient. This is because I also email suppliers, contractors and personal contacts and do not want a CRM contact record automatically created for them.


How can I log emails to existing contacts only? Obviously I would then have to manually create contact records where I did want to log the mails but this is fine.


Thansk in anticipation.....




If you are considering upvoting this feature request, please also take the time submit a BUG REPORT. This can no longer be considered a 'nice to have' capability. Since this request was first made two years ago, GDPR and other laws have made the mail-sync capability unusable until it is fixed. There is no other way to express to them the urgency of this need.

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Wow - 2 years and still no feature update........

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LinkedIn: Why didn't the infographic post not take the full width?
THe HubSPot Technical Support team replicate the scenario and the same issue occurs. Other customers are facing the same issue (see here). When the post is scheduled using an API, it always resizes the image to something smaller. Please work with LinkedIn to fix this.

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Possibility to display (more/individual) information in slack like phone numer, webpage, last contact etc.

Often the mail adress is not enough or a phone number would be way more helpful. 
It should not be that difficult to make those settings available to define ourself which information is displayed when searching for a contact within slack. 

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1. There should be a way to setup per playbook if by default it is logged as a call, a note or anything else. It used to be a note and now suddenly it changed to a call.  
2. When you have a playbook that is form and you just fill out a few questions that others won't be recorded. We keep qualifying BANT form as a note that that is pinned to the top and get edited. Especially for a note, we do want to go back to it and add answers to unanswered questions, so having the option to include unanswered questions in the note would be nice.
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Previously used Salesforce. Salesforce allowed you to choose what e-mails got logged and a pop up allowed you to choose what lead, opportunity, company, or contact the e-mail would be associated with. I like that Hubstpot automatically logs the e-mails, but only about 60% of my e-mails are sales related. Would be nice to be given the option to log and to which deal etc. 


Currently, I spend a few moments each morning, deleting all of the e-mails from my Google reminders, Promotions, etc. as these clearly aren't important enough to log.


Even a way to filter these types of e-mails would be helpful.

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Today using the "amount in home currency" to report is broken for us. 

We sell in 6 currencies, AUD, CND, NZD, EU, USD, and GBP. 


HubSpot in settings, under currency, asks for a conversion rate from your "home currency" to each of the other "non-home currencies" you sell in. This then converts your deal amounts in foreign currency to the "amount in home currency" field for reporting purposes.  The field it'self is super helpful, however, it's not overly useful for companies like us, or for that matter if you are like Spotify, apple or multiple saas companies who sell with rounded numbers, meaning each product level has its own conversion rate.


This is fine if you take the exact exchange rate and always sell in the resulting converted currency amount.


E.g. our home currency is USD, our product is $39 USD per month.

Converted to AUD at our set rate of AUD $1 = USD $0.74 


$39/$0.74 = $52.7 AUD


However $52.7 AUD does not fit with our pricing strategy and as such we sell our product in Australia for $49 AUD. All of our final sale pricing in non-home currencies are rounded up or down to be in line with psychological pricing.


This then poses a reporting problem in that each of our products is then reported incorrectly using the field "amount in home currency" based on the one currency exchange rate option within HubSpot.  


We need the ability to set product pricing of non-home currencies at the product level and not the global exchange rate set in settings. Or, if available, the ability to have the "amount in home currency" set to reflect the home currency amount in USD rather than using the set exchange rate. 


Right now for us, deals reporting is largely broken as we're summing all currencies into a report. 

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It would be great if module designers could make it so sending an email is not allowed until you have filled out a particular module.


However, it would be easier to see at a glance which ones are filled out if you could fill them out all at once instead of this annoying, non-keyboard-friendly click-to-save-then-scroll-again workflow, in which it's quite easy to accidentally skip over a module without realizing it.

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(Of course, an API would negate any need for this, but I suppose if that idea isn't popular enough, this could at least be a stopgap.)

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It'd be great if there was an option to notify other users (especially my team members) when a call / meeting with a client is logged. Other CRM do it as default, it'd be important for all people in my team to follow the history of account / prospect interactions.