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Only log emails to EXISTING CRM contacts!!

We have the outlook sidekick plugin on our email accounts, which logs emails and gives you a nice sidebar for more contact details. - Which is great for our actual customer contacts.


However, this plugin is currently adding absolutely everyone to our CRM automatically, so I've got a list of emails with no other data, and some contacts are irrelevant and not necessary for our CRM. 


PLEASE can you make an option, that only LOGS Emails to existing CRM contacts. And if a contact is not in the CRM, it should pop up and say - "This contact is not in CRM do you what to add this contact" Y/N.


This way - I won't end up having a list as long as my arm, of half filled out contacts from my team. 🙂 


Thank you








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January 25, 2021 08:00 AM



Thank you everyone for your help and feedback during the product development process.


This functionality is now live to all Chrome Extension users and we have documentation on this here:


Let m know if there are any other ongoing questions and feel free to reach me at




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July 13, 2020 11:29 AM

Hi everyone,


Flora here again! I hope everyone is as well as they can be. We have implemented a setting to allow you to refine which objects should be associated when you are logging an email. 




If you are intrested in being in the beta for this, please fill out this form.

In addition, I'd love to chat with any users about their experience around this- feel free to book here




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May 07, 2020 02:45 PM

Hi everyone,

I'm Flora, the Product Manager for HubSpot's Sales Extensions.

Thank you all for taking the time to submit, upvote, and comment on this Idea- I know this has been persisting for awhile. We hear you loud and clear, and we agree that this functionality is important.

We are currently evaluating what the best solution to this issue is and we will update this thread. We've recently released a beta for email association which gives users better control of which record an email logs onto as well as a setting that allows you to disable deal association. If you are interested in this beta, please fill out this form here:


In the meantime, we are evaluating a more comprehensive solution to making log more consistent. 



A Calendar View of Deal Close Dates (with total amount for month).

Ability to cycle through a calendar month-by-month to see Close Dates (e.g. how does June look) with total of Deal Amounts for the month on the title. Useful for quick look-ahead on pipeline.

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Hubspot CRM has all these stats so it would be great if there was a module in the CRM for each Contact with a recommended best day of the week or month and time of day to send an email or call a contact.


On the Android app, we need all Marketing tools accessible. We need to be able to reach out to potential customers, schedule social media posts and retweet if needed. We would also like to manage and create blogs for the app as well.


We've attempted to use the re-tweet feature on the iPhone app but continue to receive errors. 


Just like you click F11 to remove the browser, I would like to do the same on the "Deals" page to be able to remove the top and left side menu and only show all the swimlanes on my Deals board. It will make a great dashboard for the entire sales team to look at.


Would be great (and is CRM 101) if we had the ability to mandate that at least one 'contact' be listed on a deal/opportunity.     Not sure why this isn't part of the mandatory field functionality!!


I set up an email workflow a few weeks ago, and wanted to create an A/B test after the fact. It looks like once the workflow is live with teh emails, you can't add an A/B test - would be nice to have!


It would be useful if I had the option to display the dates of deals in my pipeline within HubSpot's Calendar. If I have a deal running from September 15th-20th and another deal running from the 23rd-28th, I want to be able to go into HubSpot's Calendar, see those deals over those dates, and be able to click on the deal and view information about that deal.


Our sales reps often receive emails in their Outlook that they want to log in Hubspot and/or continue the conversation in Hubspot instead of Outlook.  I know that they're supposed to be able to check the "Log in CRM" checkbox in the Outlook plugin, but currently the plugin is unusable due to performance issues.


What if every Company, Contact, and Deal had a unique identifier that could be blind carbon copied on an email?  When Hubspot see's this, it automatically adds that email chain to the appropriate Company, Contact, or Deal as an email, and the conversation can then be continued in Hubspot.




the persona report on the marketing dashboard shows you the number for each persona, but you can't click on it to see who the contacts are. The only way is to setup a view, but that is really annoying...other reports on Sales Dashboard are interactive, would be nice if this one was, too. Also, if persona is the foundation for the buyer journey, they need more prominent placement in the system - you shouldn't have to go through the dashboard to edit, they should be in the navigation and they should be much easier to use, manage and update.


When you start a sequence, it is going to send the emails at the same time of day. (if you select 1 day, it will send in 24 hours, 2 days 48 hours, etc.)


If I send a sequence at 11:00 PM, every subsequent email will be sent at night, and the potential client would wonder why i'm doing all of my work at night.

Hubspot of all companies would know that sending emails at different times of days increases engagement. 


Maybe you could select a 'randomize' option or just be able to select times  of day to send these emails. 


I can't find any functionality on the iPhone app for social publishing. The marketing tab shows very basic email information only. What am I missing?


The current Gmail integration is insufficient because:

1. It requires a manual effort by salespeople to 'log' each and every email. (Unreliable.)

2. Requires the salesperson to manually bcc when using a phone or desktop client. (Seldom done.)


A 100% effective solution can be accomplished using one of two methods:

1. IMAP integration that logs every email that matches a customer email address.

2. BCC integration that logs every email that matches a customer address (because Gmail has a compliance setting that can BCC every email to the hubspot address.)


Both of these methods require a single feature change to be effective: turning OFF the feature to 'create new contact' when an email address does not match an existing address. This will ignore personal emails and emails to non-customers. 




Instead of having to filter out specific email from hubpot contacts that aren't replies to a previously sent email from me and forward it to [hubspotID] I'd love it if hubspot was able to tell that there is a contact associated with that email address and log it for me.


We know Hubspot links the email to an existing contact as the chrome extension gives me this on the side:

Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 2.18.40 PM.png

I think there should at least be a way to log in manually to the contact's activity from that side-window, but better yet, it should log automatically when it detects that the contact exists in hubspot. (But not when the contact doesn't exist, creating new contacts for each incoming messages would create noise in the CRM)


The same applies for meetings answers. Even if the meeting was created from hubspot, there's no way to know the answer unless I go and check in the calendar. I would be great if the meeting's answer was logged in Hubspot.


I cannot roll out HubSpot for Sales to many of my users because they accidently create new contacts.  Since the default for the Track and Log check boxes is what you last used, it is easy to forgot to uncheck them.    We need the option of turn off the auto create or at least get a warning message that states "you will be creating a new Contact in HubSpot". 






Just me? 

Anyone got any suggestions? 


If someone emails me a 1:1 Sales email (not a reply), I want that email to auto-forward into HubSpot. Currently, I am unable to do this using the current HubSpot FWD address. I should have the option to dictate a specific inbox that this would apply to, or to manually FWD an initial email into HubSpot CRM. 




I would take this further: I want to be able to set a forwarder so that ANY email that comes inbound for my email address can be forwarded into Hubspot and either attached to the existing contact or a new contact created. This would allow me to do all my work within Hubspot -- both outbound and inbound emails -- with no manual forwards.




We provide a solution for this. Check out our blog post or drop me a line at 


We are also working on automatically adding phonecalls linked to customer contacts for calls made through a VoIP system if that would also be of use. Our technology has the ability not only to record the call but also provide a speech-to-text transcript which is great for reviewing customer calls when you don't have time to listen to the whole thing. 


It would be great to have the option to set limits on the number of deals that can be created per contact. If the deal limit is 1, then the user is notified when trying to create a second deal that the limit for that contact has been reached and that all additional notes/contact properties should be updated in the original deal.


Yes! Ditto for gmail.


Log emails only to existing CRM contacts!!!


The way it works is dumb: either you have to remember to tick the log box every CRM email or default logging ON and all your private email goes into the CRM and creates new contacts: rather dodgy.