Only log emails to EXISTING CRM contacts!!

We have the outlook sidekick plugin on our email accounts, which logs emails and gives you a nice sidebar for more contact details. - Which is great for our actual customer contacts.


However, this plugin is currently adding absolutely everyone to our CRM automatically, so I've got a list of emails with no other data, and some contacts are irrelevant and not necessary for our CRM. 


PLEASE can you make an option, that only LOGS Emails to existing CRM contacts. And if a contact is not in the CRM, it should pop up and say - "This contact is not in CRM do you what to add this contact" Y/N.


This way - I won't end up having a list as long as my arm, of half filled out contacts from my team. 🙂 


Thank you








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Not one response... wow...


I was appalled to discover that HubSpot doesn't even understand the concept of Security Groups, and that their 'Team' feature allows for a User to be a member of only one Team.

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Is there noone else having problems with this?

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Hey @krispag , Chris here from Salesmsg. We're the two-way texting software that integrates with HubSpot and we do post over the activity timeline for when a text is send and received.


If you're looking for a HubSpot SMS solution, we can help.

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That is exactly what I would like to do. Currently, you can use external services like Zapier or Integromat to do so.

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YES!!!!! I can't believe this isnt an option. I spent hours getting the CRM set up with all my clients, and then I came back and had hundreds of new contacts in my CRM for every email I get. And I get tons of emails. Most of which are not from clients. It makes the email logging completely obselete for me. I have to either do it manually by checking the log box every time it actually is a customer (which is what I do, but I miss emails) or have hundreds of new contacts created that I dont want. 

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Hi. I would like to second this. If a user gets added to our database via the chat bot, it leaves "first conversion" blank. It really should automatically fill in the name of the chatbot as the first conversion point.

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Would love to see the Sales email editor replaced with the Marketing email editor!  Or just be able to use the marking emails as templates for sales and sequences...

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I agree. Better: make it visible that someone is editting a page, mail or blog. Better yet: make it possible to have multiple people edit at the same time. Just like in Google Docs...

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Hi all, 

I'm struggling with the same issues here. My marketing strategy relies on contact segmentation, and that isn't working properly when so many of the contacts generated from Outlook don't have the necessary fields I need populated for segmentation.


I've created a list of contacts that have the property "Original source drill-down 2" set as "email_integration" and that seems to have at least separated these contacts into a list that I can supress. Hope this helps for others. 

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I'd like to remind everyone that this issue was submitted two years ago. Take some time today to make clear to your Hubspot representative how important it is. Hubspot does not read these comments. 


GDPR and CCPA have made the liability of using email integration too risky without this feature.

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This would make my life so much easier. Please, Hubspot!

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I've been in direct contact with Hubspot support to see if we can further progress this idea of adding the option to ONLY ADD EMAILS FOR CLIENTS THAT ALREADY EXIST IN THE DATABASE.


I've convinced them to combined several similar 'ideas' into one so that all the upvotes and feedback are on (1) idea thread.  This is a serious limitation of Hubspot that if you enable automatic email logging, it will create new contacts EVERYTIME there's an email and no existing contact in the CRM.  This will absolutely clog your Hubspot with countless meaningless contacts.


Please upvote and post your comments and suggestions for this.




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Don't get your hopes up. This idea has been open for years. You will need to actively campaign your representative. Let them know that you CANNOT use Hubspot for Sales because it violates California and European Law. Our current work-around is to use a competitive product that has this ability (they all do) and then sync contacts with Hubspot. We tried automated scripts, manual deletions and even got a Hubspot programmer involved. Nope. It is up to you to demand it from Hubspot. Submitting things here does no good. 

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Having just migrated to HubSpot from Salesforce, I'm amazed that it doesn't already work this way. Why would anyone want every email contact in their CRM, especially in these GDPR days?!!

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While you are in the honeymoon period with Hubspot, can you do everyone on this chain a favor and tell Hubspot that this is a REQUIREMENT and you will stay with Salesforce? We ended up having to use Hubspot for marketing AND Salesforce for sales which is its own nightmare. It has been 2 years since this request and Hubspot does not seem to be a member of this community. They don't seem to be aware of GDPR or CCPA. 

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This is very important to me.

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We need this

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+1, I really don't understand that this hasn't been implemented yet 😱

updated to: Being Reviewed
HubSpot Product Team

Hi everyone,

I'm Flora, the Product Manager for HubSpot's Sales Extensions.

Thank you all for taking the time to submit, upvote, and comment on this Idea- I know this has been persisting for awhile. We hear you loud and clear, and we agree that this functionality is important.

We are currently evaluating what the best solution to this issue is and we will update this thread. We've recently released a beta for email association which gives users better control of which record an email logs onto as well as a setting that allows you to disable deal association. If you are interested in this beta, please fill out this form here:


In the meantime, we are evaluating a more comprehensive solution to making log more consistent. 


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Thank you very much for responding to this thread and updating us all on this highly needed capability.  The functionality needed is quite simple and best said by the original poster on this thread:


PLEASE can you make an option, that only LOGS Emails to existing CRM contacts. 


If a contact is not in the CRM, it should pop up and say - "This contact is not in CRM do you what to add this contact" Y/N.


This does not seem to be difficult functionality to add.


Please update us all on the status of adding this to Hubspot.


Thanks very much,