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Only log emails to EXISTING CRM contacts!!

We have the outlook sidekick plugin on our email accounts, which logs emails and gives you a nice sidebar for more contact details. - Which is great for our actual customer contacts.


However, this plugin is currently adding absolutely everyone to our CRM automatically, so I've got a list of emails with no other data, and some contacts are irrelevant and not necessary for our CRM. 


PLEASE can you make an option, that only LOGS Emails to existing CRM contacts. And if a contact is not in the CRM, it should pop up and say - "This contact is not in CRM do you what to add this contact" Y/N.


This way - I won't end up having a list as long as my arm, of half filled out contacts from my team. 🙂 


Thank you








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Deals SearchDeals SearchThis feature is based on our use of the CRM in a C - Level capacity.

We would like to be able to seach for a Company Name and Contact via the search field at the top of the Deals page. 


This makes it quicker for us as we may not know the specific deal name.  Staff tend to deviate from prescribed naming conventions of the deals - which can be a work around.


The goal is to make it quicker in reviewing specific deals.


The new 3 column view is great, but it has to be mobile responsive.


The mobile app only has parts of the desktop functionality so we often log in via the browser - and unfortunately the new view is unusable on small screens.


Our sales team is still struggling to rememebr to manually push their status to away. Sometimes they get asked to step into a meeting or take a call. It would be nice if they are idle for more than 10 minutes to make them as away and reassign that contact to someone who is available. 


Enable emails from the editor (Marketing Emails) to be engaged in sequences. 



It would be great to be able to manually input data for a Customer Feedback "Customer Satifaction Survey" taken via a call. My list of clients is much more likely to give feedback via call than by email, so I would like to fill out the survey myself. 


Please let me know if this is possible!






Hi All,


It is really quite time consuming for me to manually add every single person within my company to the automatic exclusion list on the sales email bolt-on funtionality you have.

It would be amazing if you could exclude based on something like the following:


exclude email addresses ending or




Content Manager - Ability to control and audit changes to Knowledge base articles


We currently have an issue where we cannot not track when users with editing but not publishing rights  have made changes are made to existing published knowledge base articles.


This is important as if you have a process where many users can edit articles, but only a few users can publish (for quality control) the articles. It is impossible for the reviewers to check when an edit has been made, and to review and publish these changes.


We suggest that users can mark an aticle as "edited" or "needs review", so that we can filter for this and review / publish these articles.


I have a charity client the does case work and want to the header tab details to relate to thier industry. 

As an example Comany would be referer and deals would be cases. 


This would stop the limitiatons of it looking purely like a sales tool and open up the market. 



We need a solution for pricing our machines. Our machines are made to order and have optional features. I originally had options as an individual products but I realized if a customer ordered multiple machines with different options, I wouldn't be able to tell which machine had the certain options. I guess I want something of a "products property" like the contact, company, and deal properties. Also why is it that if I want to discount the entire deal, it won't give me an option to type in a percentage like they do with each individual product?


It would be nice if when you have finished a task and have moved to the next task, that there would be a "Go Back" button on the top bar that takes you back to the task you just finished. Sometimes you think of soething you needed to add, like a note or change a property, after you have closed it.




I set up HubSpot for my wife's fast food company where she works as the training manager. They use is to track training and development of their 100+ employees.  Although you can't rename the header, DEALS, you can customize all of the stages and properties. 


I have repurposed the deal stages to different positions in the company from New Hire to General Manager. The managers predominately use the mobile app version. They are able to add notes about different trainings they've done or conversations they have. Directors can create task for assitant managers and hold them accountable for training their teams. They are able to keep up with each employees skills by using a mutiple check box feature from properties for differnt categories that are important to their business. 


So although the headers are not ideal for what you want to use it for; if you are creative you can use it for almost anything you want.


Thanks Jeremy,

Ive done as you said and I’ve changed the  stage names and named the pipeline cases instead but I do think be a nice touch to be able to change tabs for a non sales community.


Yes please.


This is needed! 


One of the challenging things I struggle with in many platforms is ensuring that the platform "feels" customized to our business/industry without being 100% custom. For example, as we are in the Education industry, I'd like to change the name of "Deals" to "Enrollments", "Products" to "Programs", "Contacts" to "Students", etc. 


When I train my Admissions team on how to use the different tools and features, I'm continually having to make a comparison between the language we use internally and the language of terminology used in the platform. 


It would be great if Google Analytics (GA) can be piped into the HubSpot Dashboard. We want to link lead submission and new contacts to traffic from GA. Right now, one has to manually map HubSpots data with Google Ads to see the true CPA.


Happy to explain this suggestion further. 


Right now, you're only able to manually select contacts based on domain name to add contacts to a company record. Would it be possible to bulk-add contacts to a company record? Maybe by selecting all contacts with a certain domain name?


I think I am not alone in finding it a struggle to comply with double opt-in rules whilst using workflows. For example our simply automated support email messages that lets a customer know a ticket has been created for them AFTER they have sent us an email, simply won't be sent. 


Since double opt-in is not a requirement for GDPR compliance, we are debating turning it off. However, we would still like to be able to manually send out the double opt-in confirmation (going into a contact record, under actions --> send opt-in email). And this feature seems to be turned off when the account-wide double opt-in feature has been turned off. Why is this?


I would love to be able to still have people double opt-in either manually or on forms where I add a double opt-in, without having this applied account-wide.


This ideas is for the sales team. The goal is to make follow up more personal but automated. 


Problem/Pain: I have scheduled to send an email at a later time for follow up purposes. My opportunity will respond or send an email between now and the scheduled email. I forget that the email is still scheduled and then the scheduled email is then out of context when it sends to the contact.


Solution: Have the option to unenroll a scheduled email if your lead sends an email or books a meeting.