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Onboarding management tool

To be able to onboard employees of a company on HubSpot, it would be nice to have a dashboard with the listing of all the employees to be onboarded and to have a visualization on what they have done:


- Installation of the HubSpot extension
- Connection to the calendar
- Creating a transaction
- Consultation of all the pages of the platform
- ...


All of these objectives should be customisable by the person in charge of onboarding and it should be possible to target the objectives by user type (e.g. salesperson).


It's easy today to onboard 10 salespeople and 3 marketers by going to their computer and doing things with them, but when you go to 200 people to onboard, from a distance, it's more complicated.

The idea would be to do something similar to the "My Team" section of HubSpot Academy, which allows you to follow the training courses followed by the account users.


This would make it possible to concentrate efforts on the least involved employees.


Thanks in advance for your input!

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There are a number of drivers behind our need for better User management, including onboarding and offboarding. Organizational growth, creating a data-informed company culture, software budgeting process and ROI scrutiny,  and increased privacy and security requirements all create demands on time to ensure users have adopted the system and are utilizing it regularly. 


+1 to the OP request to set onboarding goals (we can set Tasks for new Users and see if they marked complete, but can't validate or report in system on how many completions vs goal).


Additional Request:

  • enable workflows to alert Admins when last active date is >'x' days ago
  • enable Notification to Users (and designated Roles, e.g. Managers) when last active date is >'x' days ago
  • enable reporting by team on count of Active users