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Hello, HubSpot Community! I have been using HubSpot to schedule social media posts, and I greatly prefer the old system. While the new social media scheduling tool looks nicer, I don't like that it limits to 15 posts at a time. This slows down the process of scheduling posts a lot, as sometimes I post up to 50 tweets at a time. 


Please consider switching back to the old scheduling system or maintaining the option to use the old system. 


Thank you,
Lauren Dixon 

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Status aktualisiert zu: Not Currently Planned

 Hi Lauren, 


Thanks for the feedback. We're not planning on switching back to the old system at this time. Sorry!




I entirely agree with the poster that the change of the editing functionality for images within Hubspot's social media management function is very poor. The previous tool saved a great deal of time and the new editing function is greatly inferior. I have asked for an explanation but received only a convoluted and completely inadequate reply basically coming down to "we aren't interested in the users' opinions so go away".  I find the reply to the original post here quite insulting to Hubspot customers who pay for a service and typical of the increasingly poor approach to service from many corporates which is just to tell unhappy customers: "We think everything is just fine..."  It is very dismissive and disrespectful just to write: "Thanks for the feedback. We're not planning on switching back to the old system at this time. Sorry!" That's not customer service but just fobbing people off. Please raise this issue with your management and pay attention to your paying customers. Thanks.