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Offline mobile app access

It would be great if our new all-in-one mobile app could offer offline access so that users could access and update their information when on the go or without access to an internet connection.

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@vishnu, do you know if this is something that is in the works?


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@jsg121 this is in the works. We are working through some other feature requests at the moment (did someone say business card scanning?), but once we finish that, we will be focusing on low and offline network caching.

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The team are currently exploring different ways to implement Offline Mode in Android and iOS. For the folks watching this thread - I'd love some feedback on what you are looking to do with Offline Mode in the App?

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This is great news! Please keep us up to date on this one 🙂

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HubSpot Product Team

This along with low-network mode is something we are working on implementing both on Android and iOS - so stay tuned on that!

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Edit - This is in early planning


Will this offline functionaility  be available for free CRM?

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Hey @Invorio this is not planned for the desktop version.


Hi Roisin, I'm confused. This thread is related to the mobile app and my question is: for those of us using it for the free CRM (not a paying portal) will this offline capability be available?

Vishnu has marked this as "already exists" but seems to be saying only for those accessing through a paying portal.


This would be great:

If we can get the application on Android/Iphone being able to take notes and log activities etc we would be able to get most of this work done whilst on a plane to the other side of the world.

Even better if we could set up new deals on contacts etc based on email only and then the system bring them into the online Hubspot when back on connection as it does through the outlook sidekick i.e. Fill out the contact information (first name last name) and create the company etc.






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Just spotted this thread which initially sounds VERY encouraging - although can't see the dates of the latest posts, so no idea where it currently stands - could you please give us an update?


Meanwhile, copy of my reply to this post below:


Couldn't agree more with this, for exactly the same reasons. I understand that we live in a mobile world, but connection can very often by unreliable if at all available in some places - and for sales reps or their equivalent, almost permanently on the road (where almost all of their contacts are made), this likelihood increases.


We've looked into options to do this through other apps, both paid and free, including current most likely option which is to use an offline Google sheet (not form, which doesn't support offline) and then save to CSV and import back into HubSpot when back in range of a connection. Hopefully this won't be too onerous, but is far from the ideal.


Come on guys, for a team that has creates such an awesome tool for sales/marketing, please fix it for us! 🙂






Great idea!!! I really need it. Our sales force is travelling very often, the flights are the greatest time to update the CRM.





Has there been anymore development on the offline capablitites? This is really important to us as we still have some of our sales team out in the field where cell service is non-existant. To be able to do updates offline is a huge benefit. 


@vishnu this would be immensely helpful for our organization as well. Currently, we attend a lot of conferences/events and want our outside sales reps to use HubSpot forms for capturing leads since it's currently a pen-and-paper process. However, oftentimes our reps may be in on-site rooms that do not have access to WiFi (i.e. Bar Exam testing room).


All - Any workarounds or suggestions in the meantime since this is still in planning?


@vishnu, @roisinkirby,


I added this as a comment on another thread, but happy I found here in Ideas. "has there been any talk of making it offline too? Zoho CRM is online driven as well, but has offline functionality that helps keep the process moving quickly. When I open the mobile app I often encounter slow delays and get annoyed since it is decreasing my productivity."


That said, what I would like to see is an easier sync-up like the Zoho CRM. It allowed me to quickly pull up companies and contacts since they were stored offline (no delay due to cellular signal or bandwidth usage); and I could even add events/comments/notes while offline (it would say somthing like "offline, but you can still work and we will update later when signal available"). Honestly those features alone would make HubSpot so much more valuable. Yes, I want the integrated card scanner too but the immediate functionality of offline access would make HubSpot SO much better for me -- and I am sure millions of others experience the same.

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Found this thread by accident today and it got me thinking. This is a GREAT opportunity to maybe ask for feedback from the many people who will benefit from this feature the most -- sales people in the field using HubSpot CRM and those using Sales Pro (two separate groups). Can anyone say, "survey"? 🙂


Only you guys at HubSpot know precisely who these users are and how to reach out based on mobile app utilization. Just think of the enormous attraction features like some of the following would be (even if rolled out in tiered fashion).


Selective auto-prioritization of contacts, companies, deals, etc. on mobile, by ...

- Lifecycle Stage

- Lead Status

- Deal Status

- Deal Stage

- Custom Property

- Mobile Status (a new HubSpot read-only property auto-populated based on the frequency a contact opens emails from their mobile device)

- Display On Mobile  (a new HubSpot read-write, Yes/No property set by users)


The basic implementation could look something like a new Workflow Enrollment trigger e.g., 'Display On Mobile' which HubSpot users could set to override the behavioral-based 'Mobile Status'. That way, if we're attending an event like Inbound and massively collecting new leads via our mobile devices we could pre-set a workflow to NOT display them on mobile until we get back home and sort through it all. This would prevent the mobile 'clutter-effect' caused by things like an abundance of mobile leads filling up our mobile devices and thereby displacing existing high priority leads we already have there.


In essence, it's sort of a way of controlling just how much we'd like to allow to use storage on our mobile devices when in 'off-line' or 'slow-network' modes. Not to mention the benefits for frequent air travelers who may be stuck on a plane with crappy mobile service for hours.


Just a quick brain dump while all this was still fresh in my head.


Would really love to see HubSpot dominate in the mobile arena while making our guys in the field the envy of all who cross their path while on their journey to sales CRM fame and fortune.


Happy to help.







Hey @vishnu,


In the HubSpot Mobile landing page: (Retrieved 2019-09-04)

There is a feature saying: "Access contacts instantly - even when you’re offline".

This is true? How to do it?