Offline Chatbot Preview


Hi Everyone,


I was hoping someone might have an idea of how I can test all of the different "If Then" pathways on my Chatbot or if this is something that can be improved by HubSpot.


Basically, I am creating a chatbot that has two different pathways: one when our sales team shows available and another when we show unavailable. I have been able to use the "Preview" feature to see what it looks like, but it only lets me preview the pathway when sales is available. The "unavailable" pathway has a lot more features that need to be tested before making it live, like the option to book a meeting. A screenshot of this pathway is included at the end of this post.


I reached out to Customer Support and they informed me that there was no good way to do this and my best bet was to let it go live and test it after business hours, as well as post about my dilemma here. I think it would be beneficial for HubSpot to include an option to choose the path you would like to go down in the preview feature or give you the opportunity to create a scenario before the preview begins. As the first point of contact for some of our leads. I would hate to have it go live and lose a potential deal because it wasn't properly tested beforehand.


I hope this idea is something that can be integrated into HubSpot in the near future!




Pathway needing testingPathway needing testing