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Office 365 Sales Tool - don't want to click icon every time

We just switched over to Office 365 and the Sales Tools Add-In does not allow for settings as did the Sidekick Add-In. So, if we want to 'awlays' log/track e-mails, I cannot do so with Sales Tools. The tool also does not auto open when you write an e-mail as Sidekick does.


Test Case:

1. Type in an e-mail address in the "To:" field


What's happening?

1. Sales Tools does not open up the contact window on the right hand side within the e-mail

2. You cannot control settings to 'always' leave log/track on


What's supposed to happen?

1. Window pop-up appears as soon as a user is entered into the To: field

2. You are able to set settings to control whether you want log/track on always or not


This is affecting our Sales and Marketing Team and since we are now on Office 365, we need to use this tool. If we use Sidekick, for whatever reason our Cloud version of Outlook glitches each time we use it. We have no fix for this issue now. Please fix ASAP.



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Some weeks ago you told over here that you guys are actively working on a solution for this issue. Do you have any update?


@Flora pinging @WesselVincent comment above for visibility. Thanks!


HubSpot Product Team

Hello again! We are still working on the solution and I will update here when it is live. Thank you and please feel free to reach out to me at with thoughts and feedback.

HubSpot Product Team

Hello everyone! Glad to be able to report today that we have released pinned taskpanes to the HubSpot Sales O365 Add-in.


This should have automatically updated. When you next are in your inbox, there will be a small pin icon in the upper right corner of the task pane in the O365 add-in. When it is turned on, the task pane will stay open in the inbox. The pane in read and compose pane need to be pinned separately and closing the add-in pane will un-pin it.


Great news, @Flora !!


I just checked and it's not showing up for me yet.  I reloaded Outlook web access, and even closed/opened Chrome and still no pin for me in HubSpot.  I'll keep looking today as I know some things take FOREVER to propogate throughout Microsoft cloud services.


Also, just for grins, I just removed the HubSpot add-in from my account.  Refreshed.  Then added the add-in back.


Still no pin.


I'll stop messing with this for now and check back later in the day to see if it just arrives.  If there's something else I should be doing to force the update, let me know.


Fantastic news!


I've confirmed the update is already availabe for me in OWA and Outlook for Mac.


I did NOT have to re-install the add-in.


Good news:

The new add-in has updated in my environment.  


Bad news: It's causing some funky behavior that may prevent me from using it regularly.


1. NEW MESSAGE:  When I click "New Message" to compose an email, the cursor moves to the "To:" field so I can start typing the recipient's name (this is normal behavior).  Unfortunately within a few keypresses, the focus moves to the bottom of my email body (not normal behavior).  I suspect this is caused by the HS add-in inserting the tracking pixel. 


2. REPLIES:  When I click "Reply" to compose a reply message, the cursor moves to the body of the email (normal behavior) but as I start typing it jumps to the bottom (not normal).  Probably the same reason as before - tracking pixel - but it's really messing with the workflow.  I end up with half the first word typed in the body and the other half typed at the bottom of the message.


3. When I add a new contact to the email, the HS add-in picks up the contact.  When I keep adding new contacts, HS keeps picking them up and showing them in the add-in.  The problem is that the first person is likely the most important contact I'd want HS to track.  Unfortunately, the last person you add to the email is the one that HS tracks.  So if I send an email to a prospect but add one of my team members as a :CC recipient, HS tries to track my team member.


I know lots of work went into making this a pin-able add-in so I'm really bummed it's not working out well.  I'd be happy to grab screen recordings if HS needs more info.



I'm experiencing exactly the same behaviour as JEL for items 1 and 2 (I haven't tested #3), I just hadn't got around to messaging here.


It's kinda like someone wrote the code but FORGOT TO ACTUALLY USE THE ADD-IN using Outlook on a Mac. Which, based on how long we've waiting for the functionality is probably what I suspect has happened.


I also communicated directly to HubSpot a few months ago that I think HubSpot should have a proper menu bar app running on a Mac - just as DropBox, TeamViewer, Skype and all the other SaaS platforms I interact with already do. I've been forced to use Chrome to access my email tracking stats, and the Outlook add-in is not in the same league as the Windows system tray app I used to use.


Over to you, HubSpot.....


I just want to chime in on what JEL mentioned.


1. NEW MESSAGE:  When I click "New Message" to compose an email, the cursor moves to the "To:" field so I can start typing the recipient's name (this is normal behavior).  Unfortunately within a few keypresses, the focus moves to the bottom of my email body (not normal behavior).  I suspect this is caused by the HS add-in inserting the tracking pixel. 


This really messes up the workflow in sending emails unfortunately...


@Husbpot, do you have an update?



Yea, the cursor error is a pain. Thought it was fixed a few weeks back but started again.


Interesting to see this is still an issue.  Due to this, I never ended up using the feature I was so looking forward to.  I guess I'll continue not to use it for now.

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Does this work for Outlook for Web? It seems like one would need to click on the HubSpot Sales Extension Icon at the bottom of the editor when it comes to Outlook for Web as it seems like there's no pinned taskpane available in that version of Outlook.


5 years later and HubSpot still does not auto log and track emails sent from Outlook 365. Very disappointing that all the folks and this thread have cared enough to surface to HubSpot but HS has not reciprocated by adding this very simple feature that is available in Gmail and on both Outlook and Gmail from SFDC


I have found an inappropriate behavior, when using the O365 plugin. It seems like it doesn't log my emails automatically. I need to press the HubSpot icon first and then the BCC address populates.
I'm also familiar with the HubSpot For outlook desktop version, which doesn't have this issue.
I really don't understand why you have two plugins which works differently.