Office 365 Sales Tool - don't want to click icon every time

We just switched over to Office 365 and the Sales Tools Add-In does not allow for settings as did the Sidekick Add-In. So, if we want to 'awlays' log/track e-mails, I cannot do so with Sales Tools. The tool also does not auto open when you write an e-mail as Sidekick does.


Test Case:

1. Type in an e-mail address in the "To:" field


What's happening?

1. Sales Tools does not open up the contact window on the right hand side within the e-mail

2. You cannot control settings to 'always' leave log/track on


What's supposed to happen?

1. Window pop-up appears as soon as a user is entered into the To: field

2. You are able to set settings to control whether you want log/track on always or not


This is affecting our Sales and Marketing Team and since we are now on Office 365, we need to use this tool. If we use Sidekick, for whatever reason our Cloud version of Outlook glitches each time we use it. We have no fix for this issue now. Please fix ASAP.



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The "Track email opens and clicks" checkbox remains checked for me now.  Unfortunately I still need to manually select the HubSpot icon for it to insert the tracking pixel.


I have the add-in as well (though I never use it), it allows you to pin the add-in to OPEN at ALL TIMES.  I wish HubSpot did this as well.


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Hey Yazz - thanks for submitting! Just wanted to follow up on here for users who come across this in the future.


Unfortunately, this is a limitation on Microsoft's end - so as of now, our team is unable to configure the plugin so that a user doesn't need to click on that icon. The team is aware this is a pain point!


For further context, we have this resource on our Knowledge Base that goes into more detail.



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I've found that using the Hubspot integration for outlook  rather than office 365 solves the issue. 

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@Yazz This is a great observation and thank you for bringing awareness to this. We've recently started our migration and we've identified the same issue you've expressed. Your post has allowed us to troubleshoot this without an excessive amount of resources. 


We have team members using the original version where the sidekick isn't an issue and other users who have migrated and as you can image folks are not happy about this! I can imagine others are trying to figure out what the issue is as well.


@katja is there any plan or conversation on getting a resolution here? 

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The wierd thing is that this used to work... I used to get the bcc added automatically... there was another plugin for outlook that did this... but I can't find it anymore...

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It doesn't seem to be consistent.  I have co-workers that it works automatically for.  But for most of us, we still have to click the button to make it track automatically.  I love HubSpot and would really like to see this work more efficiently.  

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Just figured this out...


Download the Outlook desktop add-in.  It is different from the one you already have. It adds this:



You can then click on it to select automatically  tracking and logging each new email.



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with that integration, it pops open as soon as you put a recipient in the mail message.



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This is very annoying. Please add pinning support. Send this link to your developers on how to add pinning support to your add-in:

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Yes, this is a HUGE issue. I beleive it may only be with iOS and not Windows. But nevertheless, it defeats the whole purpose of the Sidebar - to automatically log and track your contacts without you physically having to push the HS icon and wait 3 seconds for it to load - very cumbersome!


This should be a very easy fix. Most other add-ins on Outlook have an option to pin the app - but Hubspot does not for some reason.