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Office 365 Sales Tool - don't want to click icon every time

We just switched over to Office 365 and the Sales Tools Add-In does not allow for settings as did the Sidekick Add-In. So, if we want to 'awlays' log/track e-mails, I cannot do so with Sales Tools. The tool also does not auto open when you write an e-mail as Sidekick does.


Test Case:

1. Type in an e-mail address in the "To:" field


What's happening?

1. Sales Tools does not open up the contact window on the right hand side within the e-mail

2. You cannot control settings to 'always' leave log/track on


What's supposed to happen?

1. Window pop-up appears as soon as a user is entered into the To: field

2. You are able to set settings to control whether you want log/track on always or not


This is affecting our Sales and Marketing Team and since we are now on Office 365, we need to use this tool. If we use Sidekick, for whatever reason our Cloud version of Outlook glitches each time we use it. We have no fix for this issue now. Please fix ASAP.



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Is there a way for the Office 365 Plug In automatically track all emails sent out of an email account? Our reps have to check the button each time to pull in the bcc tracking. 




Same issue. 


Best community article says “Stickyness among the different versions is not consistent at this time. If you are using the old (VSTO) version of Outlook sales, the tick boxes are sticky, meaning they will remain ticked or unticked based on your last use. The new O365 add-in (that you must download from the Microsoft store) is not sticky, meaning you will need to tick the Log and Track boxes for each message sent.” 


Looking at a way to download the old plugin which does automatically track. How would I do this? Or is their now a way to get the new plugin to automatically track and log...?


Outlook sidebar will not pin in place. This means to make use of it you have to click on the Sales tool in the tool bar every single time you click a different email, as it disappears each time you click something else - seems crazy that a basic function like this can't be in place. Have used many other side bar typoe addins and they all provide a pinned option, so it stays in place if you need it to.


I run outlook for mac 2016 and was using gsuite up until last week as my email provider for my domain. I switched to office 365 over the weekend for the only reason to use hubspot within the outlook plugin. I also find it annoying that each time I want to send an email to track and load up the sales tool I have to click the hubspot plugin feature and there is no pin button to keep this constantly open.


This must be a simple fix and really needs to be implemented into the outlook plugin to make for a better user experience.


Do you guys at hubspot not agree?


Hi @73Oldie & @a13xgh


If this is a functionality you would like to see implemented in the future, I would recommend creating an idea in the ideas forum.


Thank you, 


Mitglied | Elite Partner

When you click an email in Outlook (all versions) you need to click the Sales Tools button every time you need to see more contact info or set the email tracking checkboxes. It would be great if you can just pin this sidebar to your Outlook by default. That makes this integration a lot better.


Same issue here.


Mac OS 10.13.4

Chrome 66.0.3359.139 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Office 365 Enterprise


Using the HubSpot Sales extension downloaded from MS store.

It seems to work as expected, with the exception that the "Track email opens" box doesn't remain checked.  So I have to manually check the box for EVERY email I want to track.


Surely there's a way to resolve this...



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We have an automated solution, called Threads, that can help you with this if you are still having issues. You can find our integration in the HubSpot App Marketplace


Also experiencing this issue.  Would be great if it stayed on auto tracking 


Either we're all losin' it, or our friends at HubSpot secretly added a new setting that makes this stick.  I'm pretty sure it's the latter, but never rule out the former.  Either way, this appears to be working for me and has persisted through logout/login with Office 365.


This can be accessed under More/Settings/Log and Track Settings


Much improved experience.


Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 2.33.13 PM (2).png


I figured it was too good to be true.... 


My experience has been that despite having the slider switch set to "ON" for tracking all e-mails, it doesn't actually track the email UNLESS you open up the pane inside the browser.


This means you still have to conscously remember each time you draft an email to open the pane so it will be tracked.  ARGH...frustrating.


If you guys are having a different experience, please let me know.



Getting the same result.  You must click the tiny hubspot bubble for it to track.  Extremely frustrating!! 


For a company that is so polished in so many other ways, this is a miss from a UX perspective.


I'm on the free sales account right now.  I wonder if this behaves differenly on one of the paid accounts.




I know it works when you use the desktop outlook plugin.  O365 is so much better though, fix this please.  


Hi all-


Has this issue been resolved yet?


This is very inconvenient and time-consuming for me.


Please advise.




I agree. This is very annoying. It was great in Gmail but I cannot pin the plug-in in microsoft outlook. Please get this fixed. 


 Way too often I forget to log an email because the sidebar isn't visible. In the gmail plugin this feature is already implemented.


I am having the same issue.  I am using the desktop version of office 365.  When I am composing and email and I click the Sales Tools add-in HubSpot tracks the email wonderfully.  My problem is I don't always remember to click the Sales Tools icon.  Then it doesn't track.  I have added in exceptions for emails I don't want tracked.  I want every other email tracked.  I really need a way to do this.  Has anyone found a solution for that?


This is exceptionally frustrating for my users. We are used to an SFDC workflow where the window does in fact stay pinned open.


Time-consuming and clunky.


This should be a quick and dirty change that will add a lot to the Outlook integration.


Terrible UX for salespeople that are sending about 100 emails per day... Sort this out pls!