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Really want to see development start of Office 365 OWA(Outlook Web Access) intergration. I don't use outlook on the desktop and lot of my clients are switching to OWA access as well. 

This is a cloud based application so lets make it work in the cloud or at least open up the developer API so developers, like me, can make there own intergration with OWA.

I have to go through a lot of extra steps to send emails and several outgoing emails from the CRM portal have gone by the wayside due to issues with sendgrid, but still reported as sent in the activity stream.

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Our Company is moving from GMAIL to Outlook.   We are all using Mac's so we are stuck in limbo with no integration options.  Having it in the OWA would be a great start.  Is this likely to happen before the development of a Mac Outlook plugin?

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We're about to start using HubSpot Sales and currently use GMail, but I would love another option. Since most of our company employees are in China and Google is blocked, having the option for Office 365/OWA/ integration would be awesome for me to unify my teams and not have to use VPN's all of the time.. +1 for this one. 

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Please note: the HubSpot Sales Outlook desktop add-in does not support Outlook for Mac. 

The above is what I found today; after using this site for 1.5 years, we still can't connect a Mac to Outlook in HS? Seriously? This is so 1990's. Let's get her done, folks!

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
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Hi all,


We apologize for not updating this thread sooner but I'm pleased to announce we have an Office 365 add-in available for HubSpot Sales! You can find out more information on it here.