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Offering a more accessible Knowledge Base

Hello! My team and I are interested in making our Knowledge Base more accessible for those with visual impairments.
Here's a quick list of the types of improvements we are hoping to make...
  • Increase font size for text on the Knowledge Base menu pages as well as in the header and footer
  • Change the font colors for the Knowledge Base menu and header/footer page text
  • Highlight components of the pages (e.g. on the menu for any given Knowledge Base section, make “See more” and “See less” options easier to see such as making them bold
  • Make the list of videos on the same page (above) listed as icons/boxes instead of a text list
  • Offer dark mode option
  • Offer a dyslexia font
  • Access and use preset color options (e.g. highly contrasting color palettes) for people with colorblindness

The goal of these ideas is to make the Knowledge Base tool more accessible to all users, as making these changes would make the tool more useful for those with visual impairments. This would bring more equity to Hubspot's services and my company's offerings to our clients.

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Thought Leader | Elite Partner

This is such a great idea as we move into making everything more inclusive and accessible. Love this idea! 


I also completely agree! And especially since the product we represent targets visually impaired people specifically! We need the knowledge base to be as accessible as possible!


Also agree! This is very important to our team both for internal and client facing KB. Thanks!