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Offer smart CTA by state

Currently, Hubspot is able to serve a smart CTA at first-touch by geo e.g. the country of the user but it would be great if we could serve dynamic CTAs to our traffic based on their state. I think this would require IP config but would be a huge value to our business which has very different markets depending on which state were targeting. 

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Would love this to be implemented, but for all smart content modules, not just CTA's.

rhgraves65 New Contributor | Platinum Partner
New Contributor | Platinum Partner

Second that! Dynamic content based on State would be awesome!

Susie_Kelley New Contributor | Gold Partner
New Contributor | Gold Partner

Great idea...make this happen!

Nouveau contributeur

Great idea...make this happen!

Nouveau membre

Dynamic content by state would be extremely helpful!

Nouveau membre

Yes!...dynamic content by state would be super!

Tanya Regular Contributor | Platinum Partner | Certified Trainer
Regular Contributor | Platinum Partner | Certified Trainer

 YES! We need smart content by State for all smart content enabled modules!

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YES PLEASE, make smart contents, modules based on state as well.

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I second this for all smart content modules.

jjb868 Occasional Contributor | Gold Partner
Occasional Contributor | Gold Partner

Hope they do. Here I am looking to implement this and am finding out it's not possible.Robot triste

jjb868 Occasional Contributor | Gold Partner
Occasional Contributor | Gold Partner

Our team has actually created a custom solution to make this possible. Here we had 3 high traffic blog posts getting traffic from all over the country but our client can only sell their product to people in Colorado. So for these three pages we have a different CTA based on whether they live in Colorado or not.



For example, on this page, the CTA says Learn More About Chlorine and Chloride if you're outside Colorado and it says See Our Spring Water Analysis Results if you're in Colorado


Message me to learn more if you're interested in making this work for you or one of your clients. 


Screen Shot 2019-08-28 at 12.27.51 PM.png