Offer smart CTA by state

Currently, Hubspot is able to serve a smart CTA at first-touch by geo e.g. the country of the user but it would be great if we could serve dynamic CTAs to our traffic based on their state. I think this would require IP config but would be a huge value to our business which has very different markets depending on which state were targeting. 

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Would love this to be implemented, but for all smart content modules, not just CTA's.

rhgraves65 New Contributor | Platinum Partner
New Contributor | Platinum Partner

Second that! Dynamic content based on State would be awesome!

Susie_Kelley New Contributor | Gold Partner
New Contributor | Gold Partner

Great idea...make this happen!

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Great idea...make this happen!

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Dynamic content by state would be extremely helpful!

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Yes!...dynamic content by state would be super!

Tanya Regular Contributor | Platinum Partner | Certified Trainer
Regular Contributor | Platinum Partner | Certified Trainer

 YES! We need smart content by State for all smart content enabled modules!

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YES PLEASE, make smart contents, modules based on state as well.

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I second this for all smart content modules.

jjb868 Occasional Contributor | Gold Partner
Occasional Contributor | Gold Partner

Hope they do. Here I am looking to implement this and am finding out it's not possible.Robot Sad