Offer integrations with other calling vendors

A lot of companies (like us) already have a VOIP calling system and it doesn't make sense to buy more calling minutes from Sidekick or HubSpot. Give us what we want by offering calling integration with Ring Central and others!

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Another strong vote for integration with RingCentral. They're one of the leading VOIP providers in the US/World; I'd think integrating with them would be a high priority.

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equYes real-time integration with RingCentral would be immensely useful. 


Using 3rd parties such as zapier is mostly useless - there are 5-10 min delays in synching.   They are also incredibly expensive - >1 cent an action - that's more than what we pay to RingCentral and Hubspot combined when broken down by # of calls/actions. Certainly, it's not an option for companies that don't have 90% gross margins to play with.


Synching 5 minutes later is useless, the phone rep would have already created a contact/entered phone call data in CRM.  


Would also be nice if created automated "TXT" messaging similar to how you have 'automated' email messaging / sequences based on triggers.


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Ring Cntral Please - with teir intgrations native and zoom meetongs, glip and phone, sms, there is simply nothong better on that side .. this is HUGE as it makes Hubspot a leader and clients happy!


As a great example when we did our hubspot meetings on Zoom (hubspots) and immediately cahged them all to using our native RingCentral / Zoom integration as the quality was better, the meetings were 1 click from all devices and there was no 16 digit code and pin to enter.


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Another voice for a RingCentral integration.  I wish I knew enough to do it myself.  Both RingCentral and HubSpot seem to have very complete and capable API's and development tools to accomplish something like this.




Please add an integration with RingCentral.  It would be very helpful.

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I feel like HubSpot probaly has no interest in doing this since they offer their own voice integration for a fee.


However- you might be interested in an integration a RingCentral developer created.  It only works in Chrome, but does a few nice things so far.  With some interest and collaboration it may get some continued development.  You can try it out here:

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HubSpot Product Team
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HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
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I'm pleased to announce our Calling SDK is now open for beta! If you or a partner developer are interested, please fill out the form on and our team will be in touch to discuss your use case and implementation strategy.

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RingCentral please!

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Has anyone built an official integration for this?