Offer Hubspot LMS as product



I love the LMS Hubspot has created.

I would love to have a productized consumer version to use for our company.


Would this be something Hubspot would ever consider selling? I realize it is outside of inbound marketing but, possibly sold as a side item?



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Hi, I'd like to comment on this thread because I fully believe that Digital Courses are a growing trend, not just within the higher education industry, but for entrepreneurs and small business too. There is a big need for an all inclusive LMS that enables businesses to deliver their courses. Currently I use WordPress with WishList for both single courses and membership sites for clients. The framework can be messy because various Plugins are needed to make it all come together. People turn to Kajabi or give up and go to Udemy and Teachable, but that those are profit-sharing platforms and don't allow for much control over the delivery of the content. HubSpot has something special in their training course platform, but think about how people could use that to deliver their own content....for example....a musician teaching guitar lessons through a digital course or a homsteader teaching canning. The possibilities are endless, and there are already endless digital courses. I vote for HubSpot to "think outside of the marketing toolbox" and consider the potential revenue from a market that doesn't even consider the platform now. Stop trying to compete with Salesforce and go back to basics....the small business owner. Just my 2 cents. 

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This is a great idea and I'm glad that I found some folks who have already shared similar thoughts about productizing Hubspot's LMS / learning academy.


We are a B2B company with physical products and cloud-hosted software. We have hundreds of enterprise customers who each have several user personas that we need to train, turning into tens of thousands of end users to train and manage. We need more efficiency and the Hubspot Academy looks very promising to productize, similar to how the Hubspot knowledgebase became a product.


We have our own support site currently and will be looking to migrate this to the Hubspot platform. With this move, plus a productized Hubspot LMS, we could couple together with Hubspot solutions more closely. I'd prefer to work with a Hubspot LMS rather than integrate with another partner. We're about to release about 30+ product training videos that could easily be hosted wtih Hubspot and integrated into an LMS. We have some clients that are asking about integrating our cloud-hosted software with their active directory, SharePoint, etc. There's definately some economy of scale here.



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I just want to add my support for this idea. I run a fairly new e-learning company out of Sweden. Since we are a new company we aren't able to invest in building our own learning platform. So we've had to find an online service where we can build and deliver our courses. The problem is that there are tons of options out there, I've tried a lot of them out and frankly not one of them really fit our needs. We've settled on a Swedish service that is ok, but it lacks a lot of features we need. However, I have found two inhouse developed platforms that perfectly fit our needs. Those are and Hubspots learning center. So here I am, hoping that either one of them make their platforms available as a service. / Johan

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Definitely throwing in my vote on this one too.


Also - if that happens - maybe they will finally mobile-optimize the LMS. I try to watch the training videos when I'm on the treadmill at the gym, but it's really annoying on mobile.

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I like the idea. Or maybe you can start with a proper intergration to other lms software. That would help as well. So far there ist not that much out there. 🙂

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I think an integrated LMS is absolutely crucial to the inbound methodology. E-Learning is a necessity, and while the Service Hub solves some of the self-taught how-tos, it does not fully encapsulate what we want to do. 


A great first step would be to atleast offer an integration to LMS platforms without having to use a third party integrator. 


Would love to see this come out!

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Me too, take my vote. I need this

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Agree this would be really valuable.

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Agreed. A nice simple LMS would be great. Doesn't need to be overly complicated.

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I like the Academy with it's simple design. We have very simple training needs for our product and would love to have an LMS as an integrated tool. The analytics from the training can help with product development, especially when it is already linked to my customers in HubSpot.


Many LMS tools are over the top with features I will never use. It would be great to just prescribe material, present material, and take feedback without gamification, badges, and other features that my Healthcare SaaS customers do not want or have the time for - they see those things as clutter. 

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I would love to see this get developed. HubSpot would then be even closer to being a true 360 solution!

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We actually just created an LMS Theme / Module that allows for LMS functionality similar to academy or 

check it out here

updated to: Not Currently Planned
Academy Team

Thanks for your kind words and encouragement to offer a HubSpot learning management system. We listen carefully to customers and partners like yourselves to determine what to build next, and while I can’t say whether a HubSpot LMS is in the plans, I can say that we are working hard to make HubSpot Academy a world class online learning platform. I would encourage you to use open standards for your course authoring, focus on content quality and keeping it up to date, and if you need to adopt a simple system, look to open source platforms like Moodle. HubSpot Academy was supported using HubSpot CMS for several years and many thousands of users before we built the application it now lives in. If there’s one learning from the last five years of working on it, it’s that the course content is actually the product - not the learning management system.


@ericpeters (HubSpot Academy Product Manager)

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Yes, would be so keen to see the sold as a product. It's the best LMS i've ever used and I'd love to use it in my business

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Definitely seems like a LMS would complement HubSpot's existing offering, especially in the current social/economic environment. 



We are a software company looking to spin-off onto an e-learning project. I have looked several LMS in teh market, always having yours in mind. I cant still find one that resembles the minimalistic, simple yet powerfull tool you have.

I am looking forward to see this happening.



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This should be a serious added value!

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Can this please be HubSpot's Christmas gift to us?  Their LMS is amazing and I would love to be able to use it.