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Object Quick Add in UI Ribbon

Hi -- I think it would be wildly helpful to have a quick add + button in the top ribbon that prompts a slide out for that object record so you can create "on the fly."


Example:  I am often on say an Copmany page.  I use the Super Search at the top for a different account.  I don't see it.  Now -- I did just now notice if you scroll all the way to the bottom there is a Create New Company or Contact button.  But that is very innocuous and (kind of) hidden.  It also requires you to have initiated a search.


Why not add an + button in the top bar that is on every page load so you can deploy instantly, no search required.  In the admin settings, you could restrict what types of records they could create that way.  MS Dyn365 has this feature, as does SalesForce and NetSuite.  Not that that's the best method for deciding to do something, but three main competitors all have come to the conclusion that it's wanted/useful.


Example Quick Add Button in top ribbonExample Quick Add Button in top ribbon