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OR operator for lead score property

Hi Community,


I think it would be of great advantage if we could define lead score sets not only with the AND operator but also with the OR operator. 


E.g.:  I want to check whether a contact has visited OR and want to score this behaviour with 2 points. 


Right now its only possible in the following way:




My goal is to sum up both URLs in one set.

Besides "Contact has viewed at least one URL containing" is no solution for me because I have to score very specific URLs like and but not for example.


Hope you get my point.




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This should be easy to implement. Please add the 'OR' function. This would solve a lot of our issues. For example, we want to add 10 points when a contact is subscribed to any subscription type, not all of them, nor do we want to give multiple 10P if they are subscribed to more than one subscription type.