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OR Filters for Reports

I really need the ability to create reports using OR filters instead of just AND filters.  For example, we use fields like AC1 and AC2 when a contact has multiple accounts.  When I create a report, I want to be able to see if there are customers with values in either of those fields, not just one or both.

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April 16, 2020 04:43 AM

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+1 - only AND is really limited. 


Adding our voice to this thread. Important capability. Surprising the report filter editor isn't the same relatively advanced one as in views, where we do get access to "or".


How is it possible to have a reporting tool without basic AND / OR logic options? If this was a free tool, perhaps it would be understandable... but as a premium paid tool, this is kind of absurd. 


The HubSpot Product Team update is no longer available from 2020. However it says In Planning, has there been any updates?


The Custom Object Report has the OR functionality in setting up filters but the Single Object Report is still missing the OR functionality. 


Single Object Reports give you more properties to reference (e.g. Date Entered Pipeline, etc) that are not available in Custom Object Reports. 


Overall, HubSpot reporting feels clunky with the discrepancies between report types.