OR Filters for Reports


I really need the ability to create reports using OR filters instead of just AND filters.  For example, we use fields like AC1 and AC2 when a contact has multiple accounts.  When I create a report, I want to be able to see if there are customers with values in either of those fields, not just one or both.

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No news? btw, for us using the list to avoid the "or" in the report is not really an option as we want to create a report about deals.


Echoing....very critical to address changing/growing business processes.


Cummon - surely this just base level expectation of filter?


Definitely need an "OR" in report filters!


We recently migrated from Salesforce, and the need for this is critical for us. We want to create a report to look at the pipeline as of specific dates, and in order to do that, we have to add logic that says "Close Date > specific date OR Close Date is unknown". We shouldn't have to export to excel to look at a report that simple.


C'mon guys.. we need this feature NOW 🙂 


How is this not possible in Hubspot yet? Basic reporting functionality. 


Great news!

This feature is now available at "Custom Report Builder"!


Simply choose "Include data if it matches" --> "Custom filter rules". You can now set filter options like on Salesforce!
"Click this text box to write your own filter rules. You can use boolean expressions like "1 and (2 or 3)""

Great news, thanks!

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Super need this too. I will say this is one that really should be done to stay competitive with salesforce!!


@LRios , fellow Hubspotter buddies. @Flo_essentry thanks for the note on the NEW! Custom Report Builder!


I have two dirty tricks to share:

  1. Cross-object report.
    • Pick two objects and keep one as ALL in the required filters.
    • Then have all the ORs and ANDs you want. 
    • or go crazier still. 
  2. Contact lists: you can use AND and OR there.
    • Go crazy with multiple objects on the filters each with AND OR.
    • You can use Contact LIST MEMBERSHIP in your reports.
    • But ... you can NOT use DEAL LISTS. Bummer. But you can keep going crazy

Lists have a functional (not full, but still good) facilities with OR . You can create a contact LIST, and even a X 


Cross-object REPORT: Contacts & Deals.



Contact LIST 




LOL I love the tricks I had just seen the response after I posted this so I am going to definitely use those tricks. Would still ove Hubs to get this in the non custom reports but will do this for now!


Having filters working gracefully with AND and OR albeit with some limitations is great. 


Why is this only made available for Custom Reports and Lists?

Make it part of the Hubspot language and let us go places. 


Do I have to live with Deal Lists not being available in Deal FILTERS? It is no BIG DEAL? I beg to differ. 


Is it true that Hubspot's contact view filter capability only has AND logic and not AND/OR logic?  I just tried (again) to create a view of contacts whose emails have hard bounced OR have opted out OR have .... and was not able to get what I needed.

I would assume that Hubspot contact view filter logic can produce something like (A OR B) AND C as is possible with Salesforce.  Is my assumption incorrect?   My predicament appears to be similar to the one (copied directly below) documented by jschrader8755:


Agree this is an extremely needed feature. I also need the ability to use OR conditions when filtering lists of contacts and companies to create saved filters. My use case is creating a saved filter where a sales rep is assigned to Primary Coverage OR Secondary Coverage for a company. There is currently no way to do this now. 


While waiting up on this. You can use Lists,   and then List membership in Contact Preview filters as well as in the reports. 


Wow, 5 pages of requests, over 2 and a half years, and we still can't have an OR on reports?  I thought listening to the needs of your customers was important.


Basic. Needed.